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I had a new client the other day for an 80 minute massage. I asked him if there is anything that he wanted me to know.  He told me that he suffers from a herniated disc that he has had for a few years. He has constant low back and right hip pain that at times radiates down the back of his leg to his knee. He told me that he has had two injections in his low back and has to stay on anit- inflamtory medication.  Anything to avoid surgery. The pain is always there. I asked him if he ever saw a chiropractor for his pain.  He said yes.  But the adjustments hurt his hip so bad that he could not continiue.  So here is a guy that thinks he is on the verge of surgery. I knew that there was a very strong probubllity that was not the case. The vast majority of pain people experience is nocioceptive pain( soft tissue- muscle, tendon, ligament, facia).  MDs and Chiropractors see pain as neuropathic pain( nerve pain).  With that asumption they give the wrong treatments and therapies.  Now there is no denying that at times injections and surgery is needed. Not denying that.   But most of the time - NOT.  70% to 85% of all pain comes directly from trigger points.  Anyway I showed my client a testimonial from a client that I was able to help out of a very painful condition that she had delt with for a couple of years. I showed him that testimonial because all pain has a psychological eliment too it. I wanted him to start thinking maybe he is not on the edge of surgery.  I palpated his entire back upper torso, both hips, and right leg. I found a very painful spot on his right L5 erectors.  Another very painful spot on his right greater trochantor.  A painful spot in the middle part of his lower right hamstrings.  And also a tender spot on the right spinous of L3.  I knew that if Iwas able to eliminate all those painful palaptory spots that I would most likely eliminate his pain problem.  Because a healthy body had no painful spots even with deep massage.  Ive been hunting and eliminateing trigger points for thirty years now.  He walked out of the massage room pain free. He was pain free for the first time in years. All those other professional people misdiagnosed him because they assume neuropathic pain over nocioceptive pain.  I assume the other way around.  I'm a Massage Therapist.  

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Again. Another new, chronic pain client came in recently. Her main reason for scheduling the massage was because of her long term pain that was cycling worse again. She has been to chiropractors and Rolfers in the past for her pain.
My assessment procedures have advanced dramatically over the last few weeks. That along with the further development, of what I'm calling, Holographic Acupressure, has made my work much more efficient and effective.
The client I'm talking about now has had this pain for years. She was given all kinds of explanations as to her pain. None of them trigger points. But that's what it was. And her case is not as difficult as one would think, given all the history. The client I talked about in the above paragraph on over treating is much more challenging and difficult. The client I'm talking about now, should never have gone this long suffering as she has. Kinda makes me mad. Hers is simple.
She had trigger points in the mid T spine on the left, and trigger points on the lower L spine on the right. Gluteus Medius , Gluteus Maximus, and Trochanter trigger points on both sides. The spinous ot T1 was tender on both sides. She also had an abdominal Trigger point below the belly button just above the Pubic symphysis. All those trigger points deactivated easily. She left the spa feeling pain free and happy. I've developed some very effective procedures. But anyone who has gone through any kind of trigger point training could have helped her after a series of sessions. She suffered needlessly.
A new client came in just to relax, but she did mention some minor neck and shoulder pain, along with some left hip and low back pain. She discribed the neck shoulder pain as running down the left side of her neck to her shoulder.
When pressing on her lower lumbar area , both sides, she could feel her low back pain, which was felt more on the left. She said it felt a good soar when I did that. Her neck was also a little sore on the left, but not the right. She felt tender knots when I palpated between her shoulders.
She had an 80 minute massage so I decided to go ahead and do some general massage work, sense I don't want to massage over any areas I trigger point release. And sometimes the massage itself will take out a trigger point or two without even trying. Not all the times, but sometimes. As I was massaging ( about 15 minutes into the massage) she began to complain about feeling her left hip pain more. So I decided to find and eliminate the trigger points.
Here is what I found. A Gluteus Medius TP and a PSIS trigger point on the left along with another mild one near the Trochanter. She also has a TP on the upper sacrum on the left side. No trigger points were found on the right hip. There was a TP on the left paraspinals at about L1. She had two very tender TPs between her left shoulder blade and spine. She also had a TP between the shoulder blades and spine on the right. She had a TP on the transverse spinous of C2 as well as trigger points on both sides of the spine at the base of the skull. And interestingly enough, she had another TP where the Occipatalis attaches further up the skull on the left side. All those TPs deactivated. She no longer felt any discomfort while laying on the table. When I got to her feet we found a very tender spot on the arch of her left foot near the ankle.
Basically all the trigger points were on the left side of her body on what Tom Myers would call the Superficial Back line. Or what a Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner would call the Bladder Meridian. Anyways, all the TPs deactivated and she was totally pain free after her session. That was cool.
I ment to add the Superficial Backline illustration to the above entry. I will attach it below. It also shows the Front line, which would correlate to the Stomach Meridian in Chinese medicine.
She had fallen on the ice two weeks ago. Her incoming areas of complaint was significant pain in her neck, low back , and under her arm pit on the left. After she told me that, she added that her back in general hurts.
When I told her that I was an expert at helping people out of that kind of pain, she gave a big sigh of relief. Ya never really know of course if you can really help somebody or not, especially if you haven't even touched them yet. But after 30 years, I say that with all confidence ( And in this case, it helped the client). Especially now that I've developed what I'm calling Holographic Acupressure. It's very fast and effective at wiping out trigger point , even multiple trigger point areas of pain very quickly, in literally seconds. Its effectiveness is mind boggling. After she watched a couple brief video clips, she gave me permission to do my trigger point work.
Pressing my palm on her lower left lumbars caused pain, pressing my palm on her mid right T spine caused pain. The left transverse process on her neck was sore at C6,C3, C2 . The right was sore on the transverse process of C6 as well. Also on top of the spinous of C6 was sore as well. The right lateral spinous of T1 was very tender. And the right occipital area at the base of her skull was tender as well. She had a very tender Levator scapula on the upper shoulderblade. She also had left Gluteus Medius pain when I pressed on that area with my palm, in addition she had very tender mid sacrum pain on the left. On the front side of her body the upper right quadrant of her abdomin had a trigger point. She also had an exquisitely tender spot on her right mid level Sternum. Oh , I almost forgot. She also had a very tender on what I'm guessing is the Serratus anterior on the left side of her body. That was perhaps, along with the Sternum, the two sorest areas of her body. All those areas were found and deactivated quickly, within 15 minutes. The rest of her 80 minute session was spent doing relaxation massage. On re palpation of her painful areas I had to release the Serratus anterior again, all the others were no longer sore or painful. She was really happy and that was cool.
Her complaint was chronic neck, shoulder, and low back pain. The shoulder pain has been waking her up at night. She also comented that she had a weird right sided headache last night that might be sinus related? She wanted deep tissue work on those areas and relaxation massage everywhere else. I asked her if she has seen anyone else concerning her pain issues. She told me that she has seen a chiropractor, but the adjustments make her neck hurt even more for a few days, and the neck, shoulder, and low back pain doesn't go away so she quit going.
I gave her a brief talk about trigger points and let her watch a video clip of me doing my Holographic Acupressure ( trigger point work) on a client so she could have an idea of the therapy I recommended. She gave me permission to go ahead with the trigger point work.
She had a trigger point on the right transverse process of C7, as well as a right side Upper Trapezius trigger point. They were both very tender for her on palpation. With palm pressure she had pain on the right mid T spine as well as pain with palm pressure on the lower right lumbar area. The left side of the back was painful only in the lower lumbar area. Both hips were pain free. Using my Holographic Acupressure procedures all those areas deactivated quickly. Before the massage was over I again checked those painful areas. I had to release the right lumbar area again. When she got up off the table she commented that all her pain was gone.
I plan on teaching my Holographic Acupressure in a year or two. I will show you what it looks like compared to what is considered leading edge trigger point work preformed by a man that's considered by many to be the worlds leading authority on trigger point work. The first video is his, the second is my Holographic Acupressure. Both dealing with Upper Trapezius trigger points.

astonishing difference in client discomfort-- and client satisfaction.  A few seconds, yours, vs. several minutes, his.

I know there are people in here that don't agree with me when I say the vast majority of pain on the planet is trigger point pain. And I mean the sole cause. And that's why things are the way they are. I'm gonna guess 80% of all pain is trigger points. Maybe I'm delusional and it's only 70%, or I'm too conservative and it's actually 90%? In any case it's most of the time. Any profession that deals with pain, and doesn't consider trigger points. Well, they are either con artists or don't know their job. That's the only conclusion I can come up with after thirty years of touching people. Now obviously not all pain is trigger point related. I know that. I'm just saying, a lot of it is.
I have a client. She is actually a medical doctor that has serious shoulder pain. Now she does have trigger points. But they are only, or appear to be, a symptom of some other pathology. I've released trigger points on her often. When I failed to help her she went to physical therapists that did Active release on her, eliminating trigger points, but that offered only temporary help as well. She even has a Thera cane and other tools where she works on the trigger points herself. But again only very temporary relief. She went to an out of state specialist that found a joint pathology, and she is now scheduled for surgery. So hopefully that will help her. But she is an exception. Most of the time, it's purely trigger points. And that's my whole point of writing in here.
The money spent on pain in one year. In the USA, is six hundred and twenty billion dollars. Now let's say I'm so delusional, half whacked out , and it's only 20% of the people in pain is from trigger points( that's not my experience though). Trigger point elimination is well within our license. Calculate 20% of 620 billion dollars. Then google the number of massage therapists in the USA. Do the math and figure out how much money we could be making. Compare that to your income. Now all this is kind of an exaggeration hypothetical ( but not really). But our profession, with a tweek in educational emphasis, would do us and a lot of those suffering from chronic pain , a lot of good. Because it ain't being taken care of now.

All true, Gordon.  Well said. 

The doctor's shoulder problem?  I once had a client that had recurring trigger points in upper back, above the scapula.  I took them out easily even before I learned advanced techniques.  But the next week or so he'd be in again for another release session.  He was a traveling salesman, tall and thin, drove hundreds of miles every week crammed into his compact car.  So, I assumed that his problem stemmed from sitting a little twisting in the seat, using his right arm for all the driving. 

Then out of town one day he went to a new MD.  He conducted tests.  Found his gall bladder was full of gallstones and / or cysts, and removed the organ.  Damn, the recurring trigger points problem was cured!  Surprised us both.  I was happy for him, obviously.  He remained a good client till I had to close the practice and move 600 miles so my wife could care for her mother who was dying of lung cancer. 

Just wondering here whether the doctor's recurring trigger point(s?) could be due to an internal issue?  Not often the case, we both know.  But occasionally.....  If so, operating on the joint won't cure her problem, will it?  You checked, I'm sure, whether the shoulder had ligament damage.  If you see her again before the surgery, maybe ask her if she's been thoroughly checked for organ problem referring into the shoulder? 

Your thoughts on this?

She has consulted with lots of others about her problem. She went out of state and got examined by leading shoulder specialist, and he found a problem in the joint itself that he says is the cause of her pain. So she is going for it. Time will tell.
Later on today I have a new client coming in for a fifty minute deep tissue massage. My experience, when clients come in requesting deep tissue massage, is one of two things. They want a really good massage, not just a bunch of oil rubbed on their skin. In other words they've had massages in the past that were just too soft. The other reason a client requests deep tissue massage is because they are hurting somewhere. And they associate a deep, perhaps even painful massage ,as being necessary in order to help their pain problem. No pain no gain kind of thing. In the case of the client that just wants a good massage for his hundred bucks, no problem. All my massages are going to be the right pressure because I will listen for their feed back. In the case of the hurt client, it's more complicated for me. Because I have an advanced skill set( after 30 years) where I often only need to use light pressure at a distal location in order to relieve or eliminate the pain. The hard or frustrating part for me is that the client just doesn't believe me and insists on deep and often painful pressure. When I explain to them my system, they shake their heads and say. I know my body, and this is what I need. So I'm not going to sit there and argue with a client over their service. When I'm finally working in the medical clinic, that won't be an issue. Those patients will be really hurting and will happily go for anything that might work.
I had a client the other day that came in with 7 years of left shoulder pain. She had requested deep tissue massage. She told me to go as deep as I needed in order to eliminate the pain. I asked her if that type of massage had helped her in the past. She said no not really, but she has been told that those knots need to be worked out. After determining that the reason for her massage was because of her shoulder pain, I explained to her my Holographic Acupressure procedures. And suggested that we try that, sense nothing else had worked. She then mentioned to me that the only therapy that did work, even though temporary, was Acupuncture. And that's interesting because Acupuncture is not deep and grinding.
Anyway, she had trigger points, as suspected. Her pain complaint was left shoulder pain that goes up the side of her neck and sometimes to the upper arm. She had three trigger points in the Rhomboid area. An Upper Trapezius trigger point, and three trigger points on the transverse process of her neck on the effected side. But her worst trigger points were in that Lamina groove just left of the spinouses in the T spine. She also had some mild TPs in her hips. All those trigger points deactivated, and she got up off the table pain free. She will need follow ups, because I suspect some if not all of those trigger points will return. Which brings up another problem for me. Often enough when that happens( pain returning), the client figures that what I did was only temporary and not worth spending more money on. What gets me is that many of those same people will go to a chiropractor or physical therapist for months on end with no clinical results. But insurance is paying for it. When I start working in the pain clinic a lot of that problem will also be gone. Obviously I can't help everybody. But at least these people will get a chance to really find out if I'm the right therapy for them. The client with the shoulder pain said she will reschedule? I hope so. Because I have a pretty good feeling if I can help her.
in this video I'm going to post, you will see me asses, treat, and reassess a client in a little over four minutes using my Holographic Acupressure procedures that I've developed. This is her 5th session. When she first came in she was hurting all over her back, hips, and neck. She had been seeing a chiropractor for some time prior to me, with little to no help. Her first session lasted about 40 minutes with me. She came in for the 5th session symptomatic free. But on palpation she still had some tenderness mainly in the low back. As well as a tickle spot on her right hip. That's the session you will see on the video. She will come in for probably her final session in a couple days. After that she will schedule an appointment 14 days out. If she is sympathetic free at that point, it's over. Then I will show her some self care techniques and stretches in order to help maintain her pain free life style.
The work I do looks like magic, but it isn't.
It's gentle, and highly effective.

Hey Gordan i have seen your youtube  video. Your Work is really appreciable. Keep it up . 

One thing i would like to suggest you is to add Acupuncture therapy in your list. Many client of mine come to my 

Acupuncture Yonge & St. Clair  center for problem like you have mentioned in your post and after acupuncture therapy they feel relaxed. 

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