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I had a new client the other day for an 80 minute massage. I asked him if there is anything that he wanted me to know.  He told me that he suffers from a herniated disc that he has had for a few years. He has constant low back and right hip pain that at times radiates down the back of his leg to his knee. He told me that he has had two injections in his low back and has to stay on anit- inflamtory medication.  Anything to avoid surgery. The pain is always there. I asked him if he ever saw a chiropractor for his pain.  He said yes.  But the adjustments hurt his hip so bad that he could not continiue.  So here is a guy that thinks he is on the verge of surgery. I knew that there was a very strong probubllity that was not the case. The vast majority of pain people experience is nocioceptive pain( soft tissue- muscle, tendon, ligament, facia).  MDs and Chiropractors see pain as neuropathic pain( nerve pain).  With that asumption they give the wrong treatments and therapies.  Now there is no denying that at times injections and surgery is needed. Not denying that.   But most of the time - NOT.  70% to 85% of all pain comes directly from trigger points.  Anyway I showed my client a testimonial from a client that I was able to help out of a very painful condition that she had delt with for a couple of years. I showed him that testimonial because all pain has a psychological eliment too it. I wanted him to start thinking maybe he is not on the edge of surgery.  I palpated his entire back upper torso, both hips, and right leg. I found a very painful spot on his right L5 erectors.  Another very painful spot on his right greater trochantor.  A painful spot in the middle part of his lower right hamstrings.  And also a tender spot on the right spinous of L3.  I knew that if Iwas able to eliminate all those painful palaptory spots that I would most likely eliminate his pain problem.  Because a healthy body had no painful spots even with deep massage.  Ive been hunting and eliminateing trigger points for thirty years now.  He walked out of the massage room pain free. He was pain free for the first time in years. All those other professional people misdiagnosed him because they assume neuropathic pain over nocioceptive pain.  I assume the other way around.  I'm a Massage Therapist.  

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As you can see, in the above video, what I'm doing is very different than a spa massage. After having developed these procedures, that are very effective at eliminating pain quickly, and working in the spa at the same has made my work day at times stressful. People come into a spa with a certain kind of massage in mind. And I see many different kinds of people, and a surprisingly large percentage of them are seeing , physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and doctors for various aches and pains. And I know I can help a very high percentage of those same people with my Holographic Acupressure. But for a whole bunch of reasons, they won't let me. Some of these other professionals they are going to have somehow reached semi guru status to them. And when I tell them that they have been seeing this person for six months, and they are still hurting. They don't wanna hear that. They will sternly say. I'm already under care. Don't try to fix me, I just want to relax.. Then complain about me later. They have complained about me showing a 20 second video, even though it didn't cut into any of their massage time. One time a client came in looking miserable because she had an on going three day headache. I made it go away with my Holographic Acupressure. Then she complained that even though I made her headache go away, she wanted a massage and not acupressure. Of course, not everyone is like that. And those are the folks I write about on here. But a lot of people, I just have to let them keep their pain.
So I will be happy when I start working in the medical clinic. There everyone will want out of pain period. That will be my one sole focus. I'm going to upload one of my very best testimonials. But you will notice when you read it. That she was a little bit disappointed at first. Like I've said, it's at times stressful for me. I see people getting the wrong kind of therapy all the time. Pretty much daily. I know I can't help every one of them, but a high percentage I can. I guess I won't post that testimonial. Someone will think I'm bragging or too much into myself.
My main reason for writing in here is because soft tissue work should be number one, when it comes to helping people out of pain. Way more then people realize. Ok, gotta shower and go to work. First massage today is for deep tissue... Hmmm?..
Gosh, lots of trigger points have bit the dust sense I last comented in here. It was a trigger point day today as well. I won't go into detail, I've done that a lot this entire thread. But there was a client recently that was told she may need rotator cuff surgery. She could not even lift her arm an inch. Just a few degrees of movement and the pain stopped her. I released trigger points in basically all the shoulder muscles. And after the session she went from maybe 5 degrees of lift to 75 degrees of lift. The movement I'm talking about I lifting your arm from the side of your body to over your head. A dramatic difference. Now she may need surgery, I don't know? But the difference in her range of motion, before and after, was so dramatic, she should explore the soft tissue option a bit more before she decides on surgery.
The excerpt written by another massage therapist, explains the truth of things.
So many people are getting the wrong kind of care/therapy, when it comes to pain. Countless numbers of people. That's what this entire thread is about. The misdiagnosis of pain. You say the word trigger point to a chiropractor or physical therapist, and everyone knows about them. But the truth is, the vast majority don't. Even if they say they do.
I have met, worked on, and helped so many people that have been in different kinds of therapy, that's not working, for months and often years. Then I eliminate their trigger points, and they are pain free for the first time in months or years! I'm not talking about isolated cases. It's typical. He seems the name of this thread.
You can not exercise a trigger pointed muscle and expect to get it well. And adjustments? Well... Listen to what this lady says. She had trigger points from her hips to the top of her neck. Thirty of them. Gluteus, paraspinals, rhomboids, lateral ribs, traps, neck, you name it. In over a year of two therapies, they were never addressed. That happens to a lot of people.
My license allows me to find and eliminate trigger points. This lady in the video testimonial is glowing happy. You should have seen her when she first walked into the room. After the video, check out the attachments. Some you have seen before, but still.
This lady came in with long term back pain. She had trigger points all through her paraspinals, both left and right. A couple bad trigger points in her neck, sacral trigger points, and Glute max, both left and right. Look at her( she's happy), hear what she says. Nobody in her years of past medical history delt with the real problem, which is/was, trigger points..

Thanks for sharing...

Wow! I'm not sure how to start this paragraph? This client initially came in for a relaxing massage in hopes of some kind of pain relief, even if temporary. After all, she has had this pain for twelve years. The first video testimonial was taken immediately after her first session. The second video was recorded after her second session four or five days later. She has seen all kinds of professionals for her pain. I'm the only one that realized she had trigger points. She was hurting from low back to neck. Twelve years of pain.
I used my Holographic Acupressure procedures that I discovered and eliminated her trigger points. What I've discovered will revolutionize the soft tissue/pain industry. The other thing is. Anybody that denies the existence or importance of trigger points, is denying reality. Even without my Holographic Acupressure procedures, in time, a good trigger point person could have helped this lady immensely. Her twelve years of pain was do to incompetence, ignorance, or greed. From my perspective, she really had no problem at all. Just listen to her testimonials. The first one was immediately after her first session. The second one was a week later after her second session. She made my day. It's why I love what I do.

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