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I'm opening my little massage space and thinking about a form of promoting my business in my local community. Do you think 30 minutes complimentary massage is too much or less to offer? I need advice from the "massage experts" out there, thanks. :)

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What is the promotion going to be?  Offering a 90 minute for the price of a 60 minute or a 60 minute for the price of a 30 minute?  Or just offering a free 30 minute massage? 

I'm curious about that too.  I might be inclined to offer a complimentary 30 minutes with PURCHASE of 30 or 60 minutes (making for a 60- or 90-minute session.)  But, I wouldn't offer up a completely free 30 minute session, nor would I allow the free 30 minutes to be taken as a separate session or be used by a different person.  


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