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Calling all scientists...I am looking for the scientists point of view of toxins vs. waste. I have been reading in text books and learning from teachers that to release toxins from the body drink water (especially post workout and/or post massage), sweat and support healthy digestive system. Then, I begin to hear there is no such thing as having toxins in the body as the topic comes up on this social network site. I have no attachment to any ideas but am interested in truths. What is the truth? Is this simply a matter of semantics or do we have toxins in our body from the foods we eat, environment etc. Should we be calling it waste products instead of toxins? Also, what impact, if any does massage have on the cleansing of the body. I know massage enhances circulation and through circulation we get our natural "cleansing" but is there more? Please, no opinions. Just facts, thank you!

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