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I have discovered a set of hands on procedures, that I’m now calling, Holographic Acupressure. These procedures are truly revolutionary in scope and capabilities. Not only can you release almost any muscle you want painlessly and instantly, which is significant when it comes to Myofascial pain syndrome, and trigger points( 85% of all pain ). It’s also significant to seemingly unrelated problems such as Gastroesophageal reflux disease, otherwise known as Acid reflux, or chronic heartburn. It’s often times a problem of the LES muscle, as stated in the link below.

Read the statistics on GERD as well as my recent testimonial in the attachments below.

I’m starting to think about the best way to get my Holographic Acupressure out to the world. Any suggestions?

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It’s been intense the last few days in the clinic.  Well, its a pain clinic so.... But I seem to have been more involved with the general patient population lately.    The providers will call me into the room when they think they might have a patient with significant myofascial pain, or as a result of a procedure, the patient reacts at the site of procedure with a muscle spasm.  Sometimes I’m able to dramatically help the patient, other times, not at all.  

Today was a very successful day for me.  Out of the six patients I interacted with, I was able to dramatically help three, kind of help another one, and totally unable to help two.

Today I did some of coolest most effective bodywork In my entire  30 years of licensed massage therapy.  I wish it was videoed, because it was mind blowing.   Mind blowing to me, as well as the patient, her husband, and the other providers.   Real medically effective bodywork with dramatic results.   

This Holographic Acupressure, or whatever I decide to call it is unbelievably efffective.  It’s life changing for someone at least once a month.  I think it was today?  

One of the PAs stuck his head in my room and said, I think I might have one for you?  She has a bunch of things going on.  I think you will be able to help with some of it.  She has pelvic floor pain.  Piriformis and the Glutes.  She has anal fissures that won’t heal because the tissues are so contracted in the area.  I don’t know if you can help that, but see if you can release the Piriformis.   

When I went into the room I saw a young women lying on the table in obvious pain.  Her husband was also in the room looking distressed.   The therapy I’ve discovered is so weird,I have to explain and show a brief video of what it looks like.  After watching the video, both their eyes got big.  I told them that I’m an expert, and if there is a myofascial component to her pain, it’s going to be gone.  Now do I really know if I can help her?  Of course not.  But I am confident that if there are trigger points involved.  They will be gone.  She was fully clothed, like all my patients.  And she was wearing leggings, like all the young ladies now, so all the anatomy was easily available.  Here is what I found.  We are talking trigger points of course.  Or if you don’t believe in trigger points.  Painful palpatory areas.  Everything was on the left side.    

Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Maximus, Piriformis, lateral edge of the Coccyx(I think that’s Gluteus Maximus).  There were two more muscles that were trigger pointed that nearly brought her off the table when palpated.  One was an inner thigh muscle.  Possibly Adductor Magnus, or Gracilis.  That one I had to release three times.  You could see the pain just leave her face after releasing that muscle. At that point I asked her how she felt.  She said amazingly good.  She said I only have a slight spasm left.  I said where?  I kind knew where, it’s just a bit awkward talking about anal pain.  She explained to me that it’s all on the left side of that area.  I told her that I would have to touch there, in order to release the tissue. I asked her husband if it was ok.  They both said yes,  Levator ani or Sphincter ani?  Anyway, when I first touched her there, it was like her entire body went into spasm. It took her breath away.  I quickly went to the release area which was located at a specific spot on her foot. BAM !  Pain Gone.  Immediately her body went soft. About two minutes after, the scribe, two PAs, and the Anesthesiologist came into the room.   I was jumping up and down extactic happy.  The patient was teared up in happiness.  She said it was the first time, in a long time, that she was pain free.  Even surgery didn’t help her in the past.     The doctor explained to her that if those pelvic floor muscles can stay relaxed, the fissures can heal, because of increased circulation to the area.  

Now it’s not over.  I will probably have to release those areas four or five, six, seven more times before we know if the trigger point work will hold and be effective.   If not.  They will probably have to dull the nerves in tha area so the pelvic floor muscles just go limp.  Allowing blood to flow and heal those fissures.  At this point I don’t really know.  But I’m feeling pretty good about this.  The husband isn’t even going to wait for insurance approval.  They are going to be coming in everyday in order to keep those muscles relaxed. The session is maybe ten minutes, if that.  Those fissures, are causing a lot of muscle contraction, as you can imagine.  If they heal.  Those trigger points won’t have a reason to come back.  I hope.

  This job, this style of bodywork is so cool.   I got a double handshake, and a big hug afterwards.  

In the attachment below are the treatment notes of another patient that I was recently successful with.  Not near as dramatic as the one I just wrote about, but the trigger point work was very effective.  


Here is a testimonial from a co-worker that has low back pain.  Her pain is a 1/10 on the pain scale.

My patient with the pelvic floor pain, the one I commented about a few entries above,  was kind enough to allow the the video recording of her complete session.  She suffers from anal fissures.  They cause a lot of pain, as you can imagine, and trigger points form throughout her body, especially the pelvic area. We are trying to keep the musculature loose enough to allow good blood flow to the area so those fissures can heal.  

Holographic Acupressure is a whole new level of bodywork.

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