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Are there any massage therapist that started off in a medical setting after graduating? If so how did you get into that field and did you take any extra course or classes (CEUs) before you graduated ? I'm currently a student in my second term graduating october 10th so still unsure where i wanna go but a medical setting is a top choice.

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I work in a medical clinic.  You definitely need more experience and training then just out of school.  That being said, after being out of school for a year, I found myself working in a chiropractic clinic.  And I know others that have found work in a chiropractic clinic shortly after leaving school.   

If I was you, I would go that route.  Get experience, take some advanced classes, then go for the medical clinic.  Seriously you need experience.  You might find my thread Holographic Acupressure interesting.  In it, I’m advertising the system I’ve developed.  But there are some description of the type of patients you will see in a medical clinic.  And videos of me working on actual patients.  There is also a link to a very good bodywork system that would be advantageous to a medical clinic.  

Also, I’m sure there are people in here that work in a chiropractic setting that can offer you advice.  Because I really think that’s your best option in the beginning, in order to reach your goal.  

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