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I, with my family, recently moved from California to Iowa. I grew up not too far from here and wanted to be back in a smaller community. With that, I have decided to start my business up again after taking the past 2 years off to have and raise my 16 month old daughter.

There's a chiropractor's office that put an ad in the paper about a month ago and I applied. They like me a lot. So much that they are waiting for me to get everything in order. (I take the MBLEx next week and they are waiting for me to get that done and all the other tax stuff in place.) The massage therapist has their own business in their office and with that come many perks. Here are some to name a few: use of the office manager/receptionist, credit card machine, washer/dryer on site, and all the other typical stuff of a chiropractor's office such as parking, waiting room, and etc. Payment is made to me by the doctor every 2 weeks or so but no taxes taken out. I would be an independent contractor. Which I like.

A couple weeks ago, a friend informed me there was another chiropractor's office looking for a therapist. It's in another town, smaller, and I meet with the doctor tomorrow. From what the receptionist has told me about the place, is it's very similar to the 1st chiropractor's office I mentioned. The one difference I do know of is I would be paid by the clients and if the client paid by credit card, the office would give me cash, with no fee. The rent is substantially less, more than 1/2, of what the first chiropractor is asking.

I realize I need to see what the second place looks and feels like, but what if I like it better. I know it's business, and I need to go where the business is better, but I am feeling a little bit of an obligation to the first since they have invested so much time with me.

Suggestions needed/wanted!!

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Also consider the chiropractor, how well you get along, what their views on massage are, why they want to have onsite massage.   An important factor is what is the referal situation, how much business will they bring to you vs you brining in.  what exactly is included with the receptionist, files, reminder calls, ? check out only, are they good at rebooking?  Consider who you want as a business partener more than the numbers. What is their client volume, hours, level of organization (look at computer systems) what do they do when something breaks are they on the ball or do they jury rig it. 

if you lean toward #2 because of the rent and all other things are equal, you can tell 1 that you have another offer and ask if they would be willing to lower the rent. you don't want to give the impression that you might leave at anytime so this can be very tricky and would be a last step.

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