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Hi again,

I have two questions and figured rather then do a separate threads I would combine it. 

Question number 1) How would one go about marketing themselves to salons? I have a friend that does psychic readings and she got a salon to do psychic nights. Wondering for the salons in the area that do not have massage if I can get them to feature me. Just a thought. 

2) Is there a good book for studying for the MBLEX? I need to get the national exam under my belt so I can try to get a job teaching or subbing. 

Thanks in advance

Stephanie Keffer

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Hello, as far as marketing yourself in salons I would offer to do
Chair massages for the clients on a busy day- usually Fridays and Saturdays, most salons also have a late night for working people. you would have to make it worthwhile for the owners too, so maybe charge a dollar a minute and split the profit 50/50. Just go around and introduce yourself to the owners of the salons in your area, it might take a few attempts, but someone might bite if you present yourself right. At least the owners may let you leave cards in their space or they may want a massage themselves (that are on ther feet all day).

The latter of the two sounds like a great plan. There is only one other massage place in my city so the competition is not that high which is good. Like your thinking, will be hitting up some salon owners at my next networking function tomorrow. 

I found the mblex study guide that's marketing in most massage resource catalogues very helpful.

Ok Super thanks

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