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When you go some place to get a massage do you inform the therapist the YOU are a massage therapist?  Or do you say you do something else for a living?  

I will be scheduling a massage for myself in the next few days.  I am not sure if I want to say I am a LMT or not.  

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I usually only get work from MTs I know but I did get a session from an unknown MT and I let her know I was one too. She  has less experience but it was still a nice session. I was very upfront about the type of session I was looking for (not a lot of chatter, firm pressure, relaxing) and what I felt we needed to focus on. She did a good job and asked me for pointers after the session was done. I feel that if you think your MT should know go ahead and tell them, but it's reasonable to also set your expectations for the session you are paying for.

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