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Has anyone out there relocated to New York, and if so, how was the process? I know that the state requirement is 1000 hours and I'll be moving there with close to 630. I also know you have to submit all your hours/transcripts to the Department of Education before they can tell you anything. I would love anyone's input or comments.

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Painful, expensive and slow.


Where in NY are you headed?


if the NYC area, get in touch with Cortiva. They did an amazing job helping one of our managers get what she needed for her NYS license, and she got it in record time (less than 6 months vs. 2 years from others I have known)

I'll be initially heading to Albany, NY.  I really don't know where in NY I will be settling as of now. It's possible I'll end up in Massachusetts, which is lower in state requirements ;-)

I appreciate the feedback!

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