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Greetings All!

I am currently in the research phase of deciding which school to attend to obtain my education to join the field of massage therapy.  Since 2010, I have been working in the field of real estate in various administrative roles.  Since June, I've been a licensed Realtor and am completely miserable in this profession.  

While doing my research about deciding what school to go to and what to study, I've tried to keep one thing in mind: my purpose. What is my  purpose? What I truly want to do is help people and feel that I'd be able to do that as a massage therapist.

I have visited a school in another city near by and have pretty much decided that that is where I will go in order to obtain my education.  I do worry a bit about taking anatomy and physiology as I've never taken classes in either realm.  Was this daunting to any of you in your beginning stages? Any tips to a woman in her mid-thirties heading back to school for this certification?  Any and all input is welcome.

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Therese Schwartz said:

It's more useful to think of yourself as a "facilitator", one who makes a process easier.  If, as therapists, we facilitate each client's process, this then becomes active for both therapist and client.  

This is great and something I need to remember!  :)

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