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Need some wording advice on a sign for gratuity.  Any suggestions?

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I don't find anything interesting working at Massage Envy or any McMassage franchise.

Gordon J. Wallis said:

It would be interesting to work for Massage Envy for a few days, to see what its like?  How it would change what Im doing now?  If it does?

Jimswife~ Thanks for your reply. While I'm sorry your experiencing something similar, it's good to know I'm not alone. My clients coming in with the promotions are there for a relaxing hr as well, not treating an injury along side the other specialists in the gym. I think I'm going to place a sign in the room along the lines not expected but appreciated as well, and take it down for paying clients.

...although I'm also thinking maybe I do need to look at my options & make a change.

My doctor earns so much more.  Anyone with this attitude is foolish.  Perhaps if you work in a medical facility and are well compensated, however for the vast majority of therapists gratuity is a large part of their wage, for me at times almost 1/2.  Many spas pay their therapists 25-30% of the service cost, so without grat, one would do just as well at the drive through enquiring if one would like fries with that.
BodyWork'Er said:

Do you tip your doctor?

You should NEVER be required to work for free...dont' do it.
Gordon J. Wallis said:

It would be interesting to work for Massage Envy for a few days, to see what its like?  How it would change what Im doing now?  If it does?

Angela Lind said:

If I were in your position and those promotions are not good for my business, then I would stop offering them. If the owner is pushing me in doing it, then he has to: 1)increase the percentage of commission 2) increase the rates. If he wants me to work for free just for his gym clients, then I would quit. Period. If he is offering free massages for his gym clients, then he has to pay me for those massages. 

If you stop working there, what the owner of that gym would do? probably hire another therapist. And what do you think will happen? the gym members will start going to that therapist and probably will forget about you. Even if they love you, they will prefer the comfort of getting the massage right there at the gym and save time. You will have to get all the information of those clients and then start marketing them when you start independent and what if they like the new therapist too? 

If I'm new in an area, I would start independent and not working for anybody else, and even less working at a gym, chiropractor's office or Massage Envy. It's better to start building clientele that want to get a massage from an independent and not they type of client that gets massages in a chiro's office or at massage envy. 

Depending on tips to make ends meet... it's not worth it. 

Mary said:

I used to be of the mindset that tips didn't matter, and when I received them I was surprised and gracious about it. Of course, that was when I was completely independent, had my own set of clients and set my own prices. Now I am working at a small locally owned gym. I share a room with a chiropractor (we off-set days), and gym members also have a PT on sight to see about aches and pains. There is a complete wellness atmosphere in the place.

I have a deal set up with the gym owner that I keep 60% of my sales, which I'm happy with and don't think tips are necessary. HOWEVER, promotions are starting to be thrown out there where I am giving away 30min & 60min massages for free. That's right, FREE. Many of these clients getting the free massage have not been leaving tips, or booking their next full price massage. I'm out my time, gas for travel, and laundering fees. So I am thinking about placing a sign in the room, or envelopes. I need to keep this position for at least a few months, as I'm new to the area and don't have a client base yet and this will be a very good reference for future jobs.

After reading this thread I'm not sure what to think anymore. It's very easy to talk about the ethics of tips when you don't rely on them, but when that's the only form of payment and people aren't leaving it... it becomes a whole different story.

Gratuities are gratefully accepted.

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