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I know, I'm nosey. I was a travel writer.


For six years, I got to travel to Bed & Breakfasts and get massages, all for free, and write about it. So my roots are in traveling, meeting people and hearing their stories. Now I travel around and do The World Massage Festival & Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.

I found the adjustment to a single location massage establishment, inside a strip mall, very confining. So I started a way to stay "in the massage world and travel!" But that is another story!

What's your story? What did you do before massage? Tell us of your travels and what massage is like where you are, especially if you massage outside the U.S. We really like pictures, if possible.


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Thanks and welcome to Massage Professionals!

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I am 22 so you may think I haven't had much time to have other careers, and you would be right, but what I did do I did passionately. From before I can remember I worked in a church nursery with my mom, I actually started to get paid to work in the nursery when I was 16 and continued until I was 18. During my senior year I moved in with my grandmother to take care of her because she has Alzheimer's and was unable to live alone. 6 months after I graduated I started going stir crazy and felt the need to do SOMETHING for my self because every waking moment was about the care of MeeMaw so I went to massage school at the age of 19 thinking it would be a step towards pediatric physical therapy but I fell in love with everything massage and have been doing it ever since.

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