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I am going to have a booth at the WMF this year. 

The theme will be “Don’t be a Pushover”.

As a demonstration of how tight muscles surrender to the mindful intent of slow-twitch muscle fibers, I will challenge anyone who can resist being pushed backwards by my 145 pound body. Prizes will be awarded to those who are “strong” enough to prevent my soft massage touch from prevailing, including FREE classes for CE Hours!

Be sure to stop in. It's sure to be loads of fun!

The use of slow twitch muscle fibers in massage therapy, as a therapist, is something known by only a few in the west. My goal is to introduce this energy saving technique to the therapists at the World Massage Festival.

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Thanks so much for what you do Joe! I really like teachers that make learning FUN. The therapists always come back to instructors like you!!! It's going to be the best Festival!!! What a week!
Sounds so interesting Joe. Looking forward to meeting you there.


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