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I was told I have chronic mucus in my nasal, which is normally not noticable, but now when I am working massage, it begins to start to drip within 5 - 10 minutes of starting a massage.  So I either have to sniffle a lot or wipe my nose with a tissue during massage.  I think it is from my being head tilted down, so I try to keep my head upright and that does seem to help.  But it is impossible to keep my head 100% upright all through  the massage, and I inevitably end up sniffling and needing to wipe.

I have started to use a nettie pot daily to relieve the mucus, and take steam showers as well.  So far it there is not change, except for trying to keep the head upright, is the only thing to make a difference.

Anyone else notice they have this problem and any tips?

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Musinex D works for me. It keeps the mucus at bay most of the time.


Make sure your using distilled water in your nety pot, and be sure you are clearing all of the water from your nasal passages. Ive even added a drop of tea tree to my nety pot water. add some eukaliptus to your steam bath. There is also a nasal breathing technique that is used in yoga practice often that could help.


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