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Coming to the Chicago area!

What EVERY massage therapist NEEDS to know about massage for clients living with breast cancer.

Massage Therapy Supports Healing from Breast Cancer

Times and Dates:
 Fri & Sat, Jan 20th and 21st, 2012: 9am-6pm
 Sun, Jan 22nd,2012: 9am-5pm 


School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology
515 Ogden Ave. Suite 300
Downers Grove, IL 60515

(630) 968-7827

For more information and registration go to: on trainings and workshops) (Click

Or See attached flyer with more information

Or call  303-775-8005


Intructor: Eeris Kallil CMT, is a massage educator, practitioner and a breast cancer survivor. She has been offering quality trainings since 1999 including nine years at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. She is the founder of this course and been teaching it since 2001. Eeris is a member of the Society for Oncology Massage and has been in private practice more than twenty years.

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Hello Eeris,

I am curious if clients that would want this type of treatment are comfortable in having a male therapist working with them.

Your class on Massage and Breast Cancer is of interest to me but I wonder if I ever would have any clients being a male therapist.

Since I have started doing massage my interests have been gravitating toward therapeutic/medical massage and would like to learn as many modalities I can that would enhance my abilities in that area.

Thank you,  Randy Mosley

Randel, while I did not take this class, I do use MFR for breast care, lymphatic drainage, and Asian modalities for breast cancer and other breast related issues. While it is not the main therapeutic work I do, it is an important part of my practice. Many of my clients regard preventive work I do as part of the bodywork which they get from me. I've had women preparing for implants come for what the Surgeons recommend preop. Fibroids, pre-mammograms, post surgery, scare reduction are among the reasons clients ask for various breast work.

I got involved in this because my Mother survived two cancers when I was young by having radical mastectomies. 35 years later she died of another form of cancer.  I do not think that most clients, with a need, a too concerned with the therapist's gender. In fact I find many prefer a male therapist for this. In my clinic I have trained two women to do some of this work but I have more requests for it.

Good luck with it.

Thanks for your input. I'll definitely consider taking the class if I'm able to afford it.

Hi Randel, I am glad you are interested in my class and understand your concern and appreciate your question.

The qualities that make a good massage therapist are integrity, compassion and presence. What attracts our clients to us in addition to those qualities is our knowledge and passion. If you are passionate and knowledgeable in what you do- you will attract those clients and women who are comfortable with a male practitioner. Many women go to a male gynecologist because they like their personality and trust their skills even though they have a choice to go to a female doctor.

Obviously there are women who will be uncomfortable receiving breast massage from a male practitioner, and they will not seek you, but there are plenty of women who prefer a male practitioner and have a trusting relationship with him.  Unfortunately Breast Cancer is so prevalent these days and chances are that you will come across a client who has or had breast cancer. I can only assume that she would prefer to get a massage from a trained practitioner especially if you already have a working relationship.

I admire the fact that you are interested in the subject and willing to put yourself out there, and it is very important that you have the training of how to give a safe massage. 

I want to add that even though the focus is on chest/breast/mastectomy massage in this class, there is so much more a massage therapist can do for a breast cancer patient, without even touching the chest or breast area. (We will discuss that in class)


With that said, having a male in a class of this nature requires a lot of awareness, sensitivity and trust from all participants, I believe that you have the integrity and willingness to be fully present and openly communicate with classmates and clinic clients during the workshop and respect any issues of boundaries that may come up.

 I will be happy to answer any specific questions you might have via email or a phone discussion.

Just let me know!  303 775 8005

Daniel I am so glad you responded, I was going to refer Randel to chat with you. So thank you for the quick response!



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