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OK...i knew that would get this group's attention!!

so i was at my bike club's holiday party last night and i got to talking to someone that i have only seen on our message boards but never talked to in person.

when i first came onto the Dallas biking scene, i was just starting school for massage and not practicing. my personality and humor has always been a little provokative and i LOVE sexual banter. since becoming an MT I have curtailed my humor on that forum because my fear was that i wouldn't be taken seriously as an MT and i'd be inviting the wrong clientele.

so last night this guy had mentioned how i don't banter nearly as much anymore on the forum. i explained why.

well it got me it fair that an MT has to be more reserved (so to speak) even in their personal lives because of what we do for a living? i'm sure if i were a chiro or PT i could easily continue with my type of humor without concern on how it would affect the perception of who I am in my professional life.

figured i'd throw out the discussion here versus the main forum where people are less rowdy. :)

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Thanks for the feedback. I use MFR a lot too, it's probably the most valuable "tool" I have for some cases, but I only know what I learned in school. It would be great to have more advanced training to rely on.


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