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When research results from those in favor of specific modalities are positive and results being presented by those in opposition state just the opposite, who are therapists going to believe?

How do you feel the researcher's predisposed attitude affects the study? Are therapists as likely to accept the results knowing this, either way?

Should institutions financially support studies on both sides, if it has not been researched enough for a definitive decision? What about when researchers just pass on information they recieve and it is wrong?

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Personally I believe that pre-existing attitudes affect everything, whether you're talking about research (which is often motivated by those thinking they'll make a profit on their resulting findings) or not. There will always be differences of opinion,
and those who will only believe certain studies depending on who they're done by too.

Also if a particular modality is given high honors for resolving an issue for several control groups in a study, it doesn't mean that other modalities would not be equally effective, only that one particular bodywork style was covered in the research study that was done. Then there is the factor that no two people are alike & may not respond to any one treatment in the same way.
When we exercise a research study, we have a neutral and unbiased mind, on our opinion or desired results. Being biased in our opinion on a problem set for the trial skews the results. We do experimentation in a neutral environment, free of contaminants and collect the results objectively. The slightest carelessness in the collection of data, which are contaminated with our predisposition bias the results and will not be quality.When we make an experimental investigation, it is good to our experimental group and control group or placebo, but without affecting any condition with our thinking. We must always keep a neutral mind.


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