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My question is so utterly simple and so utterly complex at the same time. How did you start up your clinic? I'm seeing a lot of information regarding the costs of running the business and paying your contractors/employees. What I want to know is how you found your location. Did you scour properties that already had treatment rooms or did you have to use your imagination and build out? Did you have financing or wing it? Did you have therapists lined up to work with you prior to leasing a new space or did you risk it and then search? I have big plans and many obstacles. For instance, at this point in time I am renting out of a salon and doing very well. However, I have been searching for an IC the past 2 months to fill in the times I am not at the shop. To no avail. I have used referrals, used this site, Facebook, AMTA/NCTMB/ABMP therapist listings, and have even been in contact with the local college. It seems that nobody wants to work. This is putting a damper on my expansion. So, what did you do? How did you go about expanding your business to an established clinic?

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Thanks, Rick! Reason for change: I have a young growing family. First child is starting kindergarten this fall, second child is due this fall. I'm reasonably busy in my practice, but since I am family oriented, my rental room is not being utilized to it's full potential. Hence the reason I am currently searching for an IC. This is part one in my grandiose plan. Part two is to be able to expand and create the first massage clinic in the area. My little town is a bustling society intent on expanding it's "green" lifestyle, home grown businesses, farmers markets, and tourism (we are surrounded by rivers and state parks). Hiking, boating/canoeing, horse back riding, and wild life (big on the Bald Eagles) sighting/photography. We just held our first Green Fete Festival here. All about organic living/ holistic lifestyles. Where we are going as a community will most definitely fit in with my "plan". So, this is not immediate change. Step by step, brick by brick. I like to be prepared and have everything bundled nicely before I leap. Researching everything possible so I know what I am or could be getting involved with. I'm not afraid of hard work and sacrifice if it will eventually succeed in achieving my goals.
my establishment/licensed clinic is in my Moms' home. When I first started almost 10 years ago, no body, being new and all, wanted to commit to a clinic/space contractual agreement.


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