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So I have my own room for massage in the chiro office I work at and the DC has put a little shelving unit (bookcase lookin thing) on the floor to put sheets on. The problem is that it's not really wide enough so the sheets end up spilling out and it looks sloppy. I'm thinking of draping something over it so it covers it up or getting a new little unit altogether. I just want to get something real cheap though that doesn't look bad. Any suggestions or thoughts?

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If there's room to put a square or rectangular basket or a plastic storage container underneath the massage table, you could put the linens there -- maybe put two containers -- one for linens, the other for pillowcase or face cradle covers.  If you're going to put items underneath your table, I would suggest to always use linens on the table such that it covers the area underneath (so that it doesn't look sloppy). And/or maybe fold the linens narrower, such that they would fit nicely on the shelving unit.  Hope that helps!
Thanks for the reply Teri! That is a good idea with the two storage containers underneath the table. The only thing is that I have body pillows, regular pillows, etc underneath :/ There's just real limited space in my room. I could try to fold the sheets tighter like you were saying.
I found a great unit at IKEA I put my sheets inside the cabinet and use the shelves for music, cream, bus cards, retail items etc.
Thanks for the link Laura! That looks like a great lil unit :) Good find...about how many pairs of sheets can you fit in that bottom cabinet part?

I rent a room in Chiro clinic. Small room. I bought an inexpensive  shelving unit from Walmarts website. They didn't have it in store, delivered to store near you no shipping cost. It has the wood look but fake, but it still looks very nice. As it is a corner unit it doesn't take up much space and I can't work in that corner anyways.

Thanks for the ideas ladies ! :)


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