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I want to start accepting credit cards.  I am in with a Chiropractor and dont have my own phone line.  I am doing everything from my cell phone.  I would like to know what and who, yall use to accept credit cards.


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A PayPal account is the easiest. You can also speak to your bank about setting up a vendor account to accept credit cards. Or, if you have an iPhone, there is an app that allows you to accept creditcards... not sure what their fee is in comparison to the bank or PayPal.
don't accept plastic but wish you luck. Your bank should be able to help you or even your accountant.
Hi Sheila!

I use Merchant Warehouse. I downloaded the app to my iPhone and it works great. Easy terms too.

Deborah Herriage, LMT, RYT

Hi Sheila!

I'm not much help either, as I use the cell phone.

I'd love to see other comments though!

I've heard nothing but good things about Charge America (link provided below). I haven't used them yet, but will be doing so once I get a few regular clients.You use your own cell or regular phone line with your own personal code. You are charged a small monthly access fee ($5.95) ONLY if you have clients within that month. If you have clients, there is 2.99% Discount Rate plus $0.40 for each transaction. If you have no clients that month you pay nothing. No expensive equipment to buy, no hidden fees or charges and no monthly committment.
I checked out other sites like this one but none of them compared to this company and the best part is they have earned an A+ rating with the BBB. Hope this helps you!

I just signed up with cellcharge. Haven't charged anything yet, but you can thru your cell or landline phone. Talk with Randi Ball. Should you decide to use them give my name as a reference.
I use PayPal, thru a link on my website. The good thing is clients don't need to have a PayPal acct to use it.The fee is minimal, somewhere around $5, depending on what you charge (it's a percentage, but i can't remember exactly how much).
I used and run their cards through my cell phone. They have been very reliable so far! :)

Best of luck!


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