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I thought this would be a good discussion. When is Minnesota going to become a licensed state? Any thoughts on this?

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I will welcome the day! How could we do to help MN make the leap?
I did go to a town hall meeting a while back that ALMT was hosting. They are working with ABMP to get congress to pass the law this year.
So all I know that they are working on it but congress just wont listen they think that massage therapy is for leisure and not for health or medical benefits.
All the states around us are licensed but we are not.
Makes no sense to me.
I think we need to rally at the capital and tell them to pass this law now!!

Amy Mattila said:
I will welcome the day! How could we do to help MN make the leap?
I'm with you! The sooner the better! My clients have no idea there is no licensure in Minnesota. They are VERY unhappy when they hear about it. Our clients may be one of our best resources for helping put pressure on the politicians.

Here's some information from the ALMT. You can join via the websites below. They're always looking for help, even if it's just making some calls or answering e-mails.

Greetings Colleagues -

Just a quick note to ask you to take a moment and join the Massage Therapy Licensing effort. It is completely free and we have a new streamlined form with which you or your friends, coworkers and anyone else can register as a supporter but do not have to give out their mailing address. All that being registered commits you to is making a 45 second phone call when the time comes for your legislators to hear our bill. With the new form registering is a simple two step process:

* Go to this site which is to a MN State Legislature web page to determine who your legislators are
* Go to this site and fill in our new streamlined registration form. All we really need is your name, email or phone and MN House and MN Senate district numbers

As a registered supporter you will get a weekly newsletter and be informed of the perfect time to contact your representatives in St. Paul; Perfect because it will be just they are about to hear our bill. They represent you, let them know what you want them to do.

If you'd like to read the draft of the bill, you can do so at if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to find out more about how you can help, visit our web page linked below and read all about the law we are trying to bring to MN.

You are already making great strides for your practice and our profession with every massage treatment you provide by giving it your best effort. This is an opportunity to help the profession take the giant step forward that we have been trying to take for a generation. We are closer to victory than we have ever been and with the help of your 45 second phone call, we can finally put this into the victory column! I hope you will join us.

Best regards,
Jeremy E. Miller, LMT (WV), NCTMB, BS

Massage Therapist, Abbott Northwestern Hospital: Institute for Health & Healing
Chair - Alliance for Licensing Massage Therapists
Chair - AMTA-MN Government Relations Committee

ALMT Website:

Cell: 612-483-5858
Work Voicemail: 612-863-6145
I belong to this. But is there anything else we can do? We need to let them hear us and not just us our clients too!
Comment by Hermene Anderson 9 minutes ago
Delete Comment Hi Julianne!!! I found the group!! This is great!
I don't think MN. will ever be a licensed State.
For years I would sign petitions that Minneapolis School of Massage & Bodywork would put out but every year they'd get the same answer... NO.
Unfortunately, when something bad happens, then they will change their tune.
Hello to everyone!!
Not for a while. I fought it many years ago when we tried to be under the Chiropractors and the main reason I fought it, is because the bill said: No Joint Manipulations (AKA stretching). Since we broke off from the chiropractors, they vowed to fight us every time we tried. There is also a strong underground movement that has helped slow the process down. All I want is a generic form of regulation and keep it at that.
Voluntary Registration is the best option that could actually pass the legislature.


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