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  • Cupping

    147 members Latest Activity: Feb 19, 2014 The purpose of this group is to network and share information about cupping.

  • Marketing & Graphic Support

    9 members Latest Activity: Jun 19, 2012 Many MTs have the ability to print and email for themselves, whether it's through their home or outside vendor (office supply store, Target, Walmart,…

  • Nutrition

    109 members Latest Activity: May 20, 2014 This is a group where therapists/bodyworkers can share powerful points, tips and research which we can then pass on to our clients.

  • Healing Arts

    49 members Latest Activity: Aug 21, 2012 Are you talented, artistically? This group will be to show that there are therapists that are artistically versatile as well. No matter your art,…

  • Dallas - Ft. Worth Massage Therapists

    28 members Latest Activity: Mar 24, 2014 The purpose of this group is for massage therapists who reside in and around the Dallas-Ft. Worth area to have an opportunity to connect, network and…

  • LMTs who have chronic pain issues

    23 members Latest Activity: Jul 13, 2012 I am a massage therapist with RA and spinal degeneration. I love what I do, but some days it is hard to even move. I wanted to start a support…

  • Self Care and Body Mechanics

    219 members Latest Activity: Jan 15 The purpose of this group is to connect, inform and inspire. The focus is self care and body mechanics for massage therapists.

  • Orthopedic Massage

    109 members Latest Activity: Mar 4 MTs interested in practicing, learning Orthopedic Massage, students of Whitney Lowe, James Waslaski, and Tom Hendrickson, Ben Benjamin, and any…

  • "Weighty Issues"

    57 members Latest Activity: Jan 4, 2012 Non-Massage oriented group for those of us who have a few extra pounds of baggage.

  • Sports Massage

    229 members Latest Activity: Mar 4 The purpose of this group is to offer therapists a place to share information regarding massage to athletes.

  • Massage & Bodywork magazine

    149 members Latest Activity: Jan 15

    Massage & Bodywork is the bimonthly publication of ABMP. Our goals are to promote professionalism, stimulate healthy dialogue, and expand the…

  • Active Isolated Stretching

    133 members Latest Activity: Feb 20 Active Isolated Stretching was developed by Aaron Mattes 40 years ago. This group is being formed to bring more awareness to his body of work and to…

  • Bloopers!

    76 members Latest Activity: Feb 28, 2013 Let's face it, most of us are human. We all make mistakes. Our clients make mistakes. Let's show the new massage therapists joining us that these…

  • Lisa's Rowdy Group of MTs

    43 members Latest Activity: Feb 10, 2014 this is a place where we can chat about anything BUT massage. ok maybe a little massage talk but that's IT. :) let's spice things up here. i know all…

  • Marketing and Practice Building

    545 members Latest Activity: Sep 28, 2014 The purpose of this group is to offer massage therapists an opportunity to network regarding successfully marketing massage and practice building.

  • How to Create Websites/Blogs

    105 members Latest Activity: Apr 11, 2013 Websites are now really the foundation of a successful massage business. It is important to understand the process so that you can do it yourself or…

  • Evidence based massage therapy group

    211 members Latest Activity: Mar 4 This community fosters healthy exchange of knowledge and information and encourages the practice of evidence-based massage therapy based on credible…

  • Texas Massage Therapists

    102 members Latest Activity: Jan 7 The purpose of this group is to offer Texas Massage Therapists an opportunity to communicate and network.

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