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A Daily Agenda of Bookings Straight to Your Inbox


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Say Hello To Mystro's New and Improved Pricing


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Mystro Modernizes Massage Therapy

We're always excited to hear from our customers on how they're using Compose. Sheree Evans, a co-founder at Mystro, emailed out of the blue to share some nice things about our ace support team. We asked if we could learn more about their startup and this is what she and another co-founder, Luke Vear, at Mystro had to say.…


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Does your business have Massage Software?

Introducing Mystro - Online Business, scheduling and booking software for massage…


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Imagine Where your business could be with 3 months free!

Every month, 5 lucky winners will receive 3 months free with Mystro!

To enter, all you need to do is create a free Mystro account or have an existing account. Then, refer a friend to go into the running. The more friends you…


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Do you need a creative business name?

Recently, I came across a post of someone who was having a tough time coming up with a name for her business. 

If you want to get a bit creative with your business name and generate some great business name ideas, then you need to head to: 

1. Wordoid - …


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Have you linked your business to these major search engines?

Today's task!

Build more link authority for your website by listing your business on business directories. 

Here are my top 6 FREE directory recommendations that you MUST list your business on:

1. Google Local: …


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Do you have these 2 tools to make your Health, Wellness or Fitness Business Successful?

Two very important tools every Health, Wellness and & Fitness professional MUST have. 

1. A Good Looking Website - Your website is a reflection of you and the face of your business. 

As a customer yourself, if you came across 2 websites that sold the same product, chances are you will purchase from the better looking website regardless of price. Why? Because a good looking website builds trust and is a…


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For all you amazing Massage Therapists and Health Professionals out there, one of the best ways to increase revenue in your business is, allowing your customers to book appointments with you online as per your availability 24/7.

I did this in my mobile massage business for 6 years and more than 50% of my revenue came from, new and existing customers, who booked appointments with me online. 

Mystro Health…


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What does SEO really mean for your Massage business?

To kickstart the week off, I want to unravel the mystery of the term SEO! This week will be all about understanding what SEO is and how you can increase traffic to your site by simple SEO tips.

Most people know the term 'SEO' but don't understand what it really means or how to implement it in their business. 

I have found a great video that really explains what SEO is, making it easier for everyone to understand and…


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2 non-negotiable ingredients for success

Anticipating a wildly successful future? Doing good work and being nice comes…


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Do you want to get new clients without spending an arm & a leg?

As a business coach, so many of the therapists I meet, tell me they are looking for new, easy ways to get new clients, and want to know what I suggest they do that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Then I ask them the dreaded question,

"WHY do you need new clients?"…


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How Your Brand Affects Your Business

Branding is an important element for your business; it is the image that you present to the world. What type of image do you intend to present – a serious therapeutic and medically oriented style, more laid back and relaxed or perhaps elegant and elite? You can develop your brand from your business vision, your archetype style or just refine your current style into something more cohesive, definable and polished.

Whether you realize it or not your…


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Forsale Massage Business in Coral Springs Florida $39,000 will finance with $20,000 down

Hello Everyone,

My name is Theresa Junaid and I have owned my Massage business for 2 years. My hands are just about out of commission do to carpal tunnel. So, I am forced to sell. I wish I did not have to sell but I must. This is a beautiful location located in a tranguil medical complex.

About my business: it is approximately 875 sq. ft. and BEAUTIFUL. We have a large client waiting area very warm and serene, reception area, 2 treatment rooms, meditation room,…


Added by Theresa Junaid LMT, LE, RS on October 11, 2010 at 9:00am — No Comments

Massage Business or.........?


I'm curious…with massage clients, how big a percentage is the physical massage in relation to your massage session, or, to the bigger picture of your massage business?

I can say 100%. Everything I do leads to the end result; a massage that is specific to what the client wants and providing an excellent massage.

I can also say about 10%. As an ‘in-home massage specialist’, I have the time to communicate a…


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New Massage Business Cards

Hey everybody,

We've got new business card designs! You can check out the dozens of business cards especially designed just for massage therapists, reflexologists, Reiki practitioners and other bodyworkers at our website. We also have beautifully-designed gift certificates, brochures and newsletters.

Along with our products, there are lots of free practice-building articles and blog entries that can help you with your business and marketing challenges.

We've been in… Continue

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Here we go again.

Yesterday I started a new job.

Four days ago I quit the old one.

You know that the old job, if you've read my first blog post, was turning into an unpleasant situation. It was a good thing I left given what the alternative would've been had I choked and stayed on.

The downside is that I left the location that was providing me the bulk of my…


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Women In Bodywork Business Blog


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Get It In Writing - Protect Yourself and Your Business

Today was something of a red letter day in my career. I had to go to small claims court to pursue repayment of a payroll advance and continuing education tuition from a former employee (a service provider but not a massage therapist) of my business. Despite months of trying to reach a written agreement on the actual amount due and a payment plan that was agreeable to both of us, we were unable to resolve the dispute on our own and a lawsuit had to be filed.

Although I am usually… Continue

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RE: Insurance Billing for Massage

Massage Insurance Billing Class:

HCFA 1500 Instructions:

HCFA 1500 From:

More Free Forms:

Insurance Tips:

CPT Codes:… Continue

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