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Do you need a creative business name?

Recently, I came across a post of someone who was having a tough time coming up with a name for her business. 

If you want to get a bit creative with your business name and generate some great business name ideas, then you need to head to: 

1. Wordoid - …


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Have you linked your business to these major search engines?

Today's task!

Build more link authority for your website by listing your business on business directories. 

Here are my top 6 FREE directory recommendations that you MUST list your business on:

1. Google Local: …


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Online Booking Software for Massage Professionals

An update from the team at Mystro HQ! We're working hard to prepare for our long-awaited launch in September and are excited to have you explore Mystro and everything the software has to offer for your business. 

Here's the first behind the scenes sneak peek of the Mystro scheduling calendar!

In the meantime, head to to secure your free account with a free website…


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Do you have these 2 tools to make your Health, Wellness or Fitness Business Successful?

Two very important tools every Health, Wellness and & Fitness professional MUST have. 

1. A Good Looking Website - Your website is a reflection of you and the face of your business. 

As a customer yourself, if you came across 2 websites that sold the same product, chances are you will purchase from the better looking website regardless of price. Why? Because a good looking website builds trust and is a…


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For all you amazing Massage Therapists and Health Professionals out there, one of the best ways to increase revenue in your business is, allowing your customers to book appointments with you online as per your availability 24/7.

I did this in my mobile massage business for 6 years and more than 50% of my revenue came from, new and existing customers, who booked appointments with me online. 

Mystro Health…


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What does SEO really mean for your Massage business?

To kickstart the week off, I want to unravel the mystery of the term SEO! This week will be all about understanding what SEO is and how you can increase traffic to your site by simple SEO tips.

Most people know the term 'SEO' but don't understand what it really means or how to implement it in their business. 

I have found a great video that really explains what SEO is, making it easier for everyone to understand and…


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Free Massage Classes

If you are located in the Metro Detroit Area and just wanted to get an idea if Massage Therapy was for you, I thought you may want to check out my school to take advantage of one of their free massage classes. The also offer free yoga weekly.

You can check them out at

I look forward to learning more from the community.

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Golden Opportunities For Massage Therapy Instructors

Golden Opportunities For Massage Therapy Instructors

Blog by Ariana Vincent, LMT, MTI, NCTMB - CEO of The Ariana Institute


What opportunities lie ahead for massage therapy instructors? The first step to answering this question is to go within and determine the type of…


Added by Ariana Vincent, LMT, MTI, NCTMB on May 5, 2014 at 4:20pm — No Comments

Your Massage Business - Practical Tips for Success from The Ariana Institute

Your Massage Business - Practical Tips for Success from The Ariana Institute

• Create a clear vision of what you want and need based on your values. Clarity is power.

• Appreciate what you have. Focus on what you’re grateful for in your life.

• Networking – Let people know you offer massage

• Effective use of e-mail and direct mail

• Newsletters – add information about massage in your newsletters

• Gift certificates – offer gift certificates for an…


Added by Ariana Vincent, LMT, MTI, NCTMB on May 5, 2014 at 11:30am — No Comments

ELAP First Draft and Call for Comments Released

The first draft of the ELAP (Entry-Level Analysis Project) has finally been released. It’s been more than a year since I first blogged about it.

This research project proposal was introduced by ABMP and has come full circle from the first statements put out about it, which…


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NHI Massage Therapy Schools

How do you spend your days? Why not find work you love? National Holistic Institute is a nationally accredited massage therapy school that operates 7 massage schools throughout California. NHI massage school offers massage therapy training, clinics and massage career services. NHI offers comprehensive, world-class programs that prepare massage therapy graduates for successful and flexible careers in massage therapy. The massage therapy schools are…


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An Alternative to CE Regulation (in the nick of time)

As I’ve written about on this blog, the NCBTMB has been trying to roll out an “upgraded” scheme to regulate the entire world of continuing education. After all, their stated mission is “To define and advance the highest standards in the massage and bodywork profession.” (Doesn’t that give them free rein to tell the rest of us what to do?) Apparently, NCB wasn’t satisfied with just approving CE providers – now they want to…


Added by Laura Allen on February 11, 2013 at 8:37am — 1 Comment

Onsite chair massage at your trade show booth and what it can do for you.

I have worked for several different companies at various trade shows who have invested a lot of money to participate and display their products and/or services.  Businesses who offer attendees chair massage have always been the busiest booths at these shows.  People attending trade shows have told me they specifically look for the businesses that have chair massage therapists available.   



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Corporate Wellness - In office Massage

By including regular chair massage in the office, it can improve employee productivity, stress levels and the general workplace atmosphere.


In addition to helping boost productivity, corporate massage in the workplace can aid in the prevention of workplace injuries. One of the biggest complaints from workers is…


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Massage Without Borders

A newly formed non profit charitable organization has been formed to help our Massage Therapists Colleagues!

It all started from answering the call of an angel (literally) who wanted to help her colleague get a table when hers was completely damaged after Hurricane Sandy.

Today, a board of 5 members, an executive director and over 30 volunteers across the U.S. have come together to support this mission for the Future of our MT's in less than 1…


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Tip for massage therapists during home visits!

Before you head out to your next home visit, put some wet hand towels in the microwave until they are really hot. Carefully place them in a thermal lunch container. It will stay warm for a long time. As you use each one on your client’s back,feet, neck, etc., make sure you zip up the container to keep the next one warm. (Yeah, put the golf balls in there too!)…


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Know More about Massage School and Massage Courses

Massage Education are becoming popular these days in the field of health care. Numerous people go for spas for massage for various reasons. Different massage schools and collages also providing certification for massage training courses so that students can make their carrier in this profession as well.

Becoming massage therapist and making carrier in this profession makes an individual to work in wide range of areas. A therapist can give assistance to various people with their…


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Introduction to Ashiatsu

Thank you so much for the opportunity to introduce you to the amazing ancient healing power of Ashiatsu BarefootBar® Massage techniques, affectionately branded “the deepest most luxurious massage on the planet”.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® (AOBT) is the first nationally approved study course for a western barefoot effleurage massage technique using bars on the ceiling. The founder, Ruthie Hardee, spent numerous years on research and the modality is now…


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Contact and Connection

Ok, back to massage related issues.  I’ve been very busy lately, even yesterday on Sunday I performed a full day of massage sessions, so I figured I’d attempt to write a bit about it.  Life experiences come in all shapes and sizes.  I’ve learned and experienced a great deal from Ki Aikido, and have done my best to apply what I have learned to my life, and in training to becoming a more proficient, efficient and effective…


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Stress, Wellness, and Pain Management–my chat with Jay Woodard on the theory and practice of Alphabiotics

SV: “So…Alphabiotics? If I had never heard of it or had no experience
with bodywork, how would you explain the idea.. the process?”

JW: “Alphabiotics is the science of stress relief. It is a non-threatening, hands-on process that pulls the body out of an outer-reactive, inappropriate…


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