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The warrior and the massage therapist = Evolution of a genetic partnership.The sanctuary for human sanity is held in soft tissue.

Many thousands of years ago the only way to survive was to fight and kill your opponent or they would kill you.The battle for survival was hard fought and extreme, leading to complete exhaustion of tissue function and a brain snapping test of sanity via atrocity for the mind.

This placed a huge physical and mental strain on the warrior, who, given the chance would prefer to live in peace with his neighbour. But, time and again, he was called to slaughter those who would slaughter him and his kin.How then, to keep the mind sane, and the body ready fight, whilst maintaining  the evolution of human qualities such as love, passion, cooperation and community?.

In battle, the brain dominates all actions by returning us to an essential primitive survival state, however ! an out of control brain and resulting  madness was of equal danger to survival. The retention of sanity and survival had to be kept in equalibrium, this created an evolutionary necessity, and  thus introduced the role of the bodys tissues, their role was to pacify and nuture the brain, this in turn, protected the whole human, body, soul and sanity.

The role of massage therapists became vital as it became learned how this treatment would quickly restore battle fitness  and balance to the scarred and tortured mind.

Our lives today may not be as threatened as that of old, but our clients physiology is exactly the same and our role as massage therapists is exactly the same = to restore health and vitality to the tissues of the body and brain.






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Comment by Robin Byler Thomas on August 23, 2012 at 2:39pm

Yes, it seems we are in the business of battling stress these days (as in preceived danger) as well as pain, aren't we? The awareness of the mind-body connection is very important to our work as MTs. Sounds like you've been doing some interesting reading Stephen.

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