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Are you already in a networking group that meets on a regular basis in the Philadelphia area? If so, how have you (and the group) benefitted from those meetings? If you are not actively networking, what's keeping you from it?

P.S. The theory that says "if you don't have an office to meet in, you can't meet" was just disproved in the book I just finished LAST NIGHT about marketing massage. The guy said his group chooses a restaurant to meet at, and everyone brings their appointment book to trade massages.

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I'm actually looking for a meetup group like this. So far no luck. I agree you don't need an office to meet in. I've seen other groups advertise that their meetings are held at different restaurants and diners.
I would love to plan a meet up to network. I have found it very challenging to connect with other MT's other than through my school. I live in downtown Philadelphia. I would be open to hosting the event either in my home or another idea / suggestion I have is connecting at a local restaurant. There are some very casual but great spots in Philadelphia and coordinating such an event would not be challenging for me.

Let me know your thoughts. Perhaps we could should for the month of March. I would also like to reach out to my school in King of Prussia, PA as I am sure there are students and faculty that would be interested in attending.

Thoughts? Also, would we want to have a theme or more have it as a meet and greet, social / casual event?

I also realize I could approach my school in King of Prussia about utilizing one of the rooms. I have a feeling they would be more than open to this as well.

I look forward to hearing back. FYI - I will be away from my computer for the next 2 days due to travel with family so when there is a delay in my response please note this is not me falling off the boat in interest in actively pursuing coordinating with everyone. I will get back to you all once I return from my visiting with family.

Warm Regards and excited to hear all of your thoughts!

Laura Violet

I just joined AMBP and got on this site and I'm really excited to see a Philly group on here.  I realize this discussion string is over a year old but did any of you ever get together for any networking events?  If so I would love to get involved.  And if not, we should make something happen. 

My business is based down the shore but I spend most of my time in the offseason up here in Center City and I would love to be able to connect with some therapists up here.

I hope to hear from and meet up with some of you soon!




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