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Clincal vs relaxation, difference at end of each massage?

Is there a perceived difference after a relaxation vs. a more clinically focused massage on specific issues and areas in the body? 

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Well a properly done relaxation massage is therapeutic, and a more clinical massage, if successful would end up relaxing.  It’s more the intent of the therapist adjusting to the needs of the client.  The client would feel good after either session if it was successful.  Right?   

If you have a client that’s totally burnt out because of personal stress, going through a child custody battle or whatever, their muscles are going to be tight and contracted.  Not because of structural damage in the muscle, but because of emotional tention.   Now compare that to a client that comes in limping because of pain in their left hip.  The muscles in the hip may be contracted not because emotional tension ,but because of actual structural damage in the musculature itself.  Those are completely two different reasons for a massage.  

Then there are those clients with both structural damage and emotional tension in the muscles.

But I think your question implies that you may not know the difference between a relaxation massage or one that deals with a specific problem like a very sore hip?

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