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Hi, I'm considering tryingthese for a couple of migraine-prone clients . Would like some feedback from those of you who have used them.

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Here is an old thread on this, at BWOL:  face massage with cold stones

And, in case it helps, here is what I picked up from Carollanne Crichton's DVD in regard to the "Cool Moonstone Facial".

Cool Moonstone Facial

  • White stones are best used in cooling treatments because they do not retain heat well.

  • Place 2 medium white moonstones over the lymphatic collection sites in lower torso (lateral abdominal regions above inguinal area) and also over chest (at pec/shoulder area). Tuck the lymphatic chest stones into towel/sheet so they are secure.

  • Place 2 large white moonstones stones into the hands/palms briefly.

  • Use only cool stones (not frozen / not cold) on facial skin. Use steady movements (do your facial massage with these stones; she worked *very* lightly). Cool stones are always used without lotion.

  • Larger stones placed over cheeks and forehead to reduce sinus pressure. Briefly hold cool stones lightly over eyes to bring relief due to computer eyestrain.

  • Tuck the facial stones under neck and traps when done.

  • Lay last stone over third eye chakra and trace two over sinuses momentarily. Tuck sinus stones under neck/traps, and when removing forehead stone, pull it up and into the hairline.

Thank you, lots of good info!

same question. thanks for this!

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