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I am a licensed massage therapist and finished massage school a few years ago. I need to brush up on some old skills and learn some new ones.  I would like to take some classes but am having trouble finding classes in my area. I live in Southern California, the san gabriel valley area. Does anyone know of any classes/schools in that area? Your input is greatly appreciated = )

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Check out Hands on Healing Institute @ The most CE's in the area and close to San Gabriel. Frances has great classes in MFR and I teach the Lymphatic classes with both I & II coming up soon.

I feel the same way and I graduated a few months ago.  I have been spending time looking up info on YouTube and checking books out from the library.  I wish I was still in school and able learning through hands on practice.  What a difference it makes getting the feedback and learning by feelng it yourself.  Really wish the massage program was longer! 

Do some research on the internet for all your requirements.

Esalen Institute, Big Sur CA

Hands on Healing Institute offers the most CE in the area and very close to you. Just off the 210.

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