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a client came in for a 90 minutes massage, she stated that she had a recent surgery(craniotomy) two weeks ago and was released from the hospital by  her physician. she had two 60 minutes massages scheduled within the week done after she was released. when she came back again, she had scheduled herself for 90 minutes session, the client had no proper documentation stating that it's ok to give her a massage during when she had the two 60 minutes appointment and the 90 minutes session prior.

This was one situation I had observed the therapist interacting with the client concerning reviewing medical history.

A) should you massage the client or not?

B) should you require the client to provide consent before giving a massage or not?

C) should you give the client a massage with no problem without updated proper signed documentation.


please explain your reasons why and why not.


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She already had two 60 minute massages over that last two weeks?  And now wants a 90 minute session?  Is that the situation now?

It's pretty unusual to have massage within a few weeks of a surgery; there are other modalities that can be used but massage is usually contraindicated for 6 weeks following a major surgery (which this is).

In this country, liability rules the land.  I would absolutely want written consent from the surgeon that she's cleared for massage, and I would also want the client to sign a release.  All of your clients should be signing releases anyway, so that shouldn't be unusual.

To give the client a massage with no problem without updated documentation is setting oneself up for an unacceptable level of liability.

Lymphatic Massage is able to be performed immediately after surgeries.

That is great!  It's good to know what can be done right after surgeries.  One of these days (in the fairly distant future - I'm full up for continuing ed for a while!), I plan to learn about Lymphatic massage/drainage.  It's one of those things that keeps coming up over and over.

I always adjust the massage to the client.  Of course....If she looked healthy, and had a good attitude...Her energy looked good..  And she had two one hour massages in the recent past with no problems...I'd be inclined to go ahead and massage her...Id stay away from the head..I wouldn't be doing any vigorous movements...calming soothing. Maybe work a little on the sore spots....Depends on the situation..  If she looked feeble, weak, not much energy...Id be inclined to think other wise...Ive worked on some really injured people...I'm not going to hurt anyone, that's for sure...I mold into the massage...I investigate before I give more pressure and so on...  Number one rule... Do No Harm.... Now I fell confident to work on pretty much anybody.. I feel very confident....I hardly feel unsure anymore...Ive just worked on people so    Working in a spa, I have little time for a diagnosis, or much of an interview...Ive gotten very fast at analyzing clients before I work on them...Im looking with no preconception..Its hard to hurt somebody... So for me...I would have to be and talk with her a few minutes before the massage.  If I do massage her?   lol   ?

Well I personally don't know anything about that type of surgery...Call her doctor, and find out if she can get a massage..If he says yes...Perhaps call her up and offer her a complimentary 60 minute massage..If she wants more time, she just pays for the additional 30 minutes...You were only being cautious because of lack of information(justly so), and its a bummer to loose a client...Id do something like that.


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