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Hi everyone,

I had a client come in the other day she had 8 crushed vertebra back in high school from a cheerleading accident gone bad. She plan on coming in again when she comes back into town in January from being on tour. Any suggestions? I did just light Swedish to feel out her body and see how much she could tolerate. I'm just afraid of injuring her any suggestions would be great. 


ps She said it was from C-2 down but it's been over 10 years since this happened.

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Hi Stephanie.

Would be helpful to get more information than just "8 crushed vertebra"." from C2 down" suggesting she head / neck felt .

in any case, you should figure out if it was severe sprain strain with no spinal injury etc.You welcome to visit my website where you will find free video lessons including neck and upper back massage protocols.when you will get more info about injury, then you'll be able to choose appropriate massage protocol.I hope my comment was helpful.

Best wishes.


Hi Jeff,

To be safe I just treaded lightly. I only seen two pin holes on her neck so I'm thinking since the injury happened while in high school she may of misunderstood what really happened. I know when I tore the ligaments under my kneecap from a cheerleading accident gone bad I misunderstood and proceeded to inform everyone wrong for about 10 years. I shall see if she comes back and not sure she could provide me with xrays as I know in her profession insurance is like the holy grail. Thank you both for insights. I do work in a chiropractic office but sometimes cases like this leave me scratching my head. 


After 10 years I'm sure that you wouldn't have to worry about injuring her. I think you are smart to move gently through the massage...I think that is smart with any client who has an old injury......I think making sure you are covered in your intake is important....asking if she has any lasting issues as a result of the accident...answer is most likely yes, if yes, what are they? Ask her about her massage history. I wouldn't go jabbing elbows into her back but that's rarely a good idea anyway :).

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