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Good morning, everyone!


It seems the hot new way to market ones massage business is to use Groupon, Living Social...even locally here in Las Vegas we have several others.  Channel 8 news has their 'Daily Deal,' there's another couple deals that I can't recall at the moment, but I'm sure you get my point  ;)


Why not do this on your own massage website?? 


Here's an example of what I posted on my own massage website: 


Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley


Each week I'll change this...such as next week may be deep tissue, or hot stone therapy or an athletic enhancing sports massage. 


As you can see with this current one, I'm providing Swedish massage, yet here's the important point:  I'm tying this into EVERYONE who lives in Las Vegas.  How so?  It's going to be HOT here in the desert, very soon.  We've been fortunate to have an actual spring this year, as last year at this time it was 110 already!  (It IS June.)  Well, we will ALL have to deal with this heat as it's a big deal here.  The question is, what's going on in YOUR community that you can tie-in to your massage business?   


A couple of points here...


First, and the most important point, you can use these to target a specific market.  Use creative wording in explaining the massage or the massage package.  The 'Performance Enhancing Sports Massage Package.'  'Cold Stone Therapy For Those Hot Summer Days!'  'The Ultimate Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage Package For All Weekend Warriors!'  See what I mean?


Second, you can discount, yet you don't have to cut your prices by 50% like the Groupon's want you to do.  Set your own prices, yet here's another important point, set a Cut-Off DATE that they have to schedule with you by.  I run mine for a week, Wednesday to Wednesday to allow the weekenders to participate as well, and they don't feel 'rushed'.  You can do daily deals as well. 


Another important point is that by adding and changing the content on your website, the search engines will see this, and may rank you higher if you have the correct keywords, etc., etc.  You MUST give clients and perspective clients REASONS TO KEEP VISITING YOUR WEBSITE!  When they do this the search engines notice the increased activity as well and rank you higher.


Already have a full schedule?  Create this for 'new or first time clients only.'  Be careful with this though.  Your current clients are your most loyal clients and you always want to take care of them, FIRST.  Don't allow them to think they are being left out.  If a current client sees your 'new clients only' deal and contacts your to receive the same offer, always give it to them.  This builds better rapport between you and them as well.  You can say to them, "Hi Sue!  You would like the same offer I'm giving the new clients?  Well, this is for new clients, but Ok.  You are such a great client of mine I'll include you in this deal as well."  I don't want to sound condescending, yet we do want our current clients to feel special.  Everyone loves that! 


Ok, I'm out of time.  I'm sure there are more points I could make about this but I have to run. 


Let me ask you...What do YOU think about this?  Have you tried it?  Does it work for you??




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  I love your ideas..very creative..I think I will try some of this as is slow right now for me...

thank you!

What an awesome idea! I will add this to my webpage.  The longer someone stays on your site, the better ranking you get with the search engines.  So if you can put a form for them to fill out on that first page, that would help.  I also have found that I'm getting more requests for my newsletter and email class list by putting the form on the first page instead of redirecting to another page.

Thanks for the tips.  Would love to know more.  I ran a Living Social special and got 79 Reiki sessions bought.  I have a student you ran 2 massage specials and got 711 responses...she needed help!

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