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Do not accept any position working with this guy:


      Tim (T.C.) Connor     cell# 702-612-5314


He hires LMT's for chair massage marketing at various events and/or store fronts in malls and then never pays them.


He comes up with one lame excuse after another as to why he can't meet with you (to pay you) or sets up a time to meet with you, then flakes out and never shows up.  Also, when confronted, he then threatens you with legal action (and his "attorney" also works under the same contact whatsoever).


He is a jerk that needs to be stopped!!!


I have reported him to the BBB under the local company he represented as well as the store he works with for marketing.  While this comes under the heading of labor disputes, it still puts a ding on their records.  Serves them right for hiring this character.


Help us to get the word out so that other LMT's won't waste their precious weekends working for nothing!!



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I would also file a police report.
What state is this person in?
Sue in small claims court.
Laura, I believe Suzanne is in California
I am in Arizona. He claims to have ties nationwide, which is why I wanted to make my fellow LMT's everywhere aware of him.
He has a Nevada cell number, lives in Arizona, yet also said he lives in So. California and travels back & forth between the two states. I don't have an address for him and when I repeatedly asked him for even a business card to have some sort of business information, he never had any available..just ran out, forgot to take any with him, etc...

I am doing everything I can to basically ruin his name and the companies he markets far, I have contacted the companies I was involved with thru him to file the complaints along with the BBB filings...they don't like the negative publicity and get quite surprised when they receive the information because they were not aware of any issues, etc.

Thanks for the idea of a police report..never thought of that. Next step is with the department of labor, however, if it is anything like the BBB, I would need a physical address for him specifically. The only other option is to do it the way I did by naming him using the company information that he markets for as the business contact information.
It's help if u gave name of company and the person you are talking about.
Uh, his name is big as a spotlight in the opening post, as well as his cell. It would be nice to have the name of the company though.
That's the trouble...I don't have a company name for him specifically, only the places he markets for.

The two places that I was working at are:

(1) Select Comfort Sleep Number Store [Scottsdale Fashion Mall] in Scottsdale, AZ
(2) Patient Builders in Tempe, AZ

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