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If you have to choose one modality that you use all the time, what would it be?  Anything from swedish to Thai.

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This is easy. Although I have studied many modalities, one has been the most influential on my massage techniques. This modality is a martial art from Korea. Hwal Bup Do (Korean Martial Therapy). Lucky for me that it was the first modality I took after my Swedish core certification. Being a martial art it teaches sound body mechanics, is a complete system, is a healing art for injury and illness. I learned to use my body to protect myself and help the client. KMT taught me I could go very deep. I learned how the spiral is not only a recurring structure in the body but how to use it for maximum effect. Since there are techniques for working muscles, lymph, energy, organs, fascia, and joints it has been easy to learn the focused branded modalities for all of these. It also has kept me in good condition to keep doing 5-6 deep tissue massages a day with the self-therapy practices.

Today the two modalities I do the most without blending others are "Touch of Jade Lymphatic Massage" & Craniosacral Therapy. Those are sessions often sought by clients for specific conditions. A usual session combines Korean Martial Therapy, Myofascial Release, Lomi Lomi,Shiatsu, & Meir Schneider Method.

Everything seems to be integrated with me. There is no one modality I am utilizing at any particular time, with the exception of Sacred Lomi(that is separate from the regular bodywork I am doing).

My favorite form of massage has to be Sacred Lomi,and I love all modalities actually,but hands down,for me and for my clients, the Sacred Lomi is my favorite to give and to receive.

Great Question,BTW!



Well, i have two: Lomi Lomi and Quiromasaje(Ferrandiz Technique)
I do many things, craniosacral therapy, some thai, MLD, myofascial release, etc.  I know this sounds cheesy, but my favorite modality is my own.  It is called Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique or SMRT, and it is my favorite because it makes everything else I do work 10 times better.  This way when I do craniosacral work or myofascial work, I get much better results, while doing less work.
Joge are you referring to Chiromassage by Dr. Vicente Lino Ferrándiz? From what I understand it is related to the Asian Martial Arts Styles that include massage and chiropractic as well as other aspects. Is this it? Is there a good English website for it? Searching quiromaseje hasn't helped as it just brings up sites on manual massage. Searching his name mostly produces things on the plaza. Is he the only modality founder to have a city landmark named for him, I wonder. I did find this Very brief and also could be describing martial healing arts. Was he a doctor of Homeopathy? I also found the website of Yon Gamarra from Barcelona now practicing in the USA. I did find mention that he developed it including Japanese & Chinese massage which could have been the judo and Gungfu styles of martial arts. Could you give some more information or clarify what I found?

Jorge Arnaldo Pabón Acevedo said:
Well, i have two: Lomi Lomi and Quiromasaje(Ferrandiz Technique)

Oh, that's a tough one. I love all the modlities I trained in. But if I had to chose, then I would choose reflexology. First off, I just like working on peoples feet. Everyone just love their feet worked on. Wrap them in a hot towel with essential oils is just wonderful, but the work it can do to affect the whole body is amazing. Plus, it is non-intrusive. I like reflexology cause it can be a great way to work with new clients, have a full body affect, and feels just oh so good! Just the other day, I worked on a client that never had a reflexology session before. After the session, they were full of smiles, and they were able to notice the changes. I have a client for life because of it.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy!!!

Don't have a bar? Do what they do in China for the standing foot work. Straddle the body with a walker and support yourself with the walker. Even as big as I am, I can do Korean bar work this way. Don't limit yourself to a bar room (hmmm hope that is understood correctly).

Jeni Spring, LMT / Heeling Sole said:

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy!!!


For weeks I had noticed a 75+ year old neighbor walking around in pain...unable to rotate her head without moving her entire body. We're neighbors, and friendly, but she had never had a massage, and was...shy about giving it a try.  Took me two weeks--her in pain the entire time--before I convinced her to lie down on my table, fully dressed.  I worked trigger points of neck, traps, scalenes, even pec minor through her clothing, and in fifteen minutes she got up almost giddy with relief. 


Another elderly gent that I recently treated had a trigger point every half inch of his body--took me nearly two hours to work just his back line alone.  I suspect that he may be borderline fibromyalgic.  He called this morning to report that he felt better than he had in twenty years.   

Swedish is nice to give and to receive.  Lomi-lomi with its long, flowing, well-lubricated strokes is almost unbearably pleasurable to clients (if they don't moan in pleasure while on the table, they're unconscious).  But to know that I have brought relief to a pain sufferer--to see that in their eyes--is to me better than receiving a $1,000 tip.



Awesome Gary !!!   And the interesting thing is...You're only going to get better....And what I mean by that is.. You are going to be able to help a lot of people.  You're going to be surprised.
I surely hope so, Gordon.  I'm working real hard to get better.

Gordon J. Wallis said:
Awesome Gary !!!   And the interesting thing is...You're only going to get better....And what I mean by that is.. You are going to be able to help a lot of people.  You're going to be surprised.
I would choose Positional Release, a gentle,effective Osteopathic modality with which I have had great success. 

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