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There are a lot of very important, very serious discussions going on, so I thought I'd add something a little less intense just for fun. :-)

What is your favorite massage music? I'm always looking for something new, as I get bored hearing the same stuff over and over. (Hearing the same two CDs at massage school for a year made me anti-Enya forever!)

Please include the name of the CD, the artist, a brief description and why you like it. (If there's a good website where you can get the music, add that, too!)

1) "Blessings to You"

2) Therapeutic Harpist Tami Briggs

3) Three "simple" (as opposed to "complex" like Jazz) pieces combine harp, flute and guitar for a deeply felt yet soothing combination that lasts approximately one hour.

4) I love it because it's very non-intrusive, calming music that becomes part of the whole relaxation experience. I really enjoy solo instrumental music that doesn't have the sometimes-distracting nature/vocal elements. Plus, this CD doesn't have any previously recorded music on it, which I find can be distracting. (Love the Four Seasons, but you can hear Vivaldi at any wedding or on a Macy's shopping trip. Kind of ruins the mood for me!) Tami is a local Minnesota girl, and I enjoy supporting the "small" artists. I have several of her other CD's, including the lullaby CD for my daughter!


Your turn! :-)

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1. Koyasan


2. Dueter


3.  very peaceful eastern influence, i'm no good at picking out the instruments, but whatever this album has going on, is super soothing to me. It's probably my favorite album of the ones that I use.  I picked it up on New Earth records, which I've found to be a pretty good resource for finding quality massage tunes.

Thanks for the recommendation for New Earth Records.  Will have to take a listen!

I have had a few clients in the past love listening to Norah Jones while receiving a massage I love listening to it but I refuse to play it with my male clients just because the words are so sensual, I'm finding it really hard as well to find some good relaxing music that isn't overly classical or too repeating (like the muzak that my massage envy has been playing lately). thanks for a good forum starter. :D

Just fell in love with the Pandora App.  I used is so much in private work that I finally purchased it.  Only $36 for a year and no annoying ads.  Look up Ambiant music, Anugama,and Deuter Radio. 

Sharon PHX AZ

I agree Jill, have done that several times. My music knowledge is growing by leap and bounds.

Jill Jenks said:

I used to put together my own mixes, but now I let my clients choose what they want to listen to. As I do therapeutic massage in their homes, they have exactly what they like. I have massaged to opening day baseball, Law & Order SVU, CMT, GAC, Kid Rock, oldies, classical, you name it.

I have found that using the clients music puts me in time with them. I like the variety (although I could have dome without the baseball game) and have been introduced to music that I might normally never listed to.

Give it a shot - you may find it very enjoyable!

I like a wide variety of music. Here's a small sample of some really good massage music, imo. It can all be found on Amazon.


I like Lisa Lynne's "Hopes And Dreams" as well as her album "Maidens Prayer" they are both on New Earth Records. Her music is soothing and melodic, and I find it far from boring.

I also like R. Carlos Nakai. He has a huge body of work out there but "Canyon Trilogy", "Fourth World", and "Mythic Dreamer". They all feature the relaxing, resonant sounds of native american flute but without any distracting (in a massage session) drums and chanting.

Another fave is Paul Lloyd Warner's "Rainbows are Waterproof". He has simple (but not simplistic) melodies that make it a joy to do massage to his music.

I'm also a huge Stephen Halpern fan - While I couldn't listen to the same CD twice in a row, I find them incredibly wonderful additions to my massage music mix and my uber stressed out clients love it. "Relaxation Suite",  Inner Peace", "Music for Massage", "Ocean Suite", & "Comfort Zone" are the ones I like best (some of his CD don't feature any kind of melody like the crystal bowl and angel CDs, so listen to samples before you buy).

Also love Laurel Emryss's "Welcome to EarthHaven" - soothing, melodic, transporting.

I have accumulated lots of massage music over the years and created a massage music playlist on my ipod...I shuffle through about 450 massage songs so I never get tired of anything.


For the sake of picking 3 favorites even though I have so many favorites...


1. Ultimate Piano Massage (off itunes) - album: Pure Massage Music / various artists....blissful, beautiful, lazy piano and I love's usually what I pick for receiving massages.


2. Piano Dreamers - Danny Wright ...same reasons as #1


3. Shamanic Dream - Anugama...very dreamy choice for a non - piano favorite.


Thanks for the lighthearted forum topic :)

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