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Getting massage oil and massage oil smell out of my massage sheets!

I bought Therapro massage soap for my massage sheets laundry. I have followed the instructions and am unable to get the stains and smell out of my sheets. I have had no luck. Any help, product information would be quite beneficial. I am struggling financially so I can't afford to get them professionally laundered. Thank you, Lanay De Angelo.

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I've had some success adding vinegar to the wash cycle.  1/2 cup or a cup depending on the size and degree of oil of the load. It takes out oil and is washed out during the rinse cycle.

Adding dish soap to the wash also helps. And make sure to wash ASAP.

It can also help to use a different type of oil to begin with, so you don't end up with this problem. I wrote an article for the January/February issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine about massage sheets, and got some great input on selecting and caring for your sheets--check it out here!

Hi, for years I used Tide, Clorox and Cascade dish washing soap. I had worked 20 years ago at a spa that used this and it did the trick (of course you have to be careful in how much cascade you use. With that said, cascade has changed over the years and I changed to Tide, Colox (about 1/-1 cup per load) and a product I had gotten at Costco called Oil Eater around 8 years ago. It is amazing for getting oil out. I don't think that Costco carries it any more but a place called Grainger does.They have locations all over. WE order and pick it up to saving on shipping costs.Hope this sheds some light.

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