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    Since being on this site I have discovered that we all fight stereo-typing of our chosen profession.  We all work/study to the highest level of our professional ability.  I was professionally offended by the commercial of Danica and the massage therapist.  It wasn't funny to me.  As a woman their commercials are disturbing, but now godaddy has picked my/our profession.

I have sent a complaint to and I am wondering what everyone else thinks of this portrayal?

Did it bother you?   How many of your clients will bring it up?  Or was it just advertising?



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You can watch it here for all of you who didn't catch it:

I personally didn't have a problem with it. It was all in good fun and the previous godaddy girls have been in professions you don't expect. Like a police officer.

I loved when she fell in the pool and the music track skipped. :P
I went to and filed a complaint. They are to get back with me in 24 hours. Will let you know what they say to me.
I haven't seen any of their other commercials to compare them to other professions but just watched the one in the link and find it appalling that they had a massage therapist stripping - I guess I didn't get the connection between that and webhosting. I do think this should be brought to their attention.

I found a better contact address but am not sure if it would really go to the president -
Bob Parsons, CEO and Founder of

There is also this page with their address and a few other ways to contact them

Contact public relations

Also visit their facebook page and add your comments about their ads...

I just tried to post on their wall and it shows up for a minute and then vanishes but you can post on the comments section under the ad.

I am sure lots of people who's profession was falsely portrayed in the godaddy commercials were upset and wrote in about it. But I see it as something I have no control over, something that is meant lightheartedly and shouldn't be taken as a serious portrayal of our profession. If it was meant as a brazen insult, it would be a different story. I can always take a joke. Which is what it was.

If anyone truly takes the commercial seriously and sees MTs in that "bimbo" light, then they're just uneducated about massage therapist and I would be more than happy to set them straight as I gladly do for all people who are unawares.

As you said, we are a wonderfully diverse group, with differences in opinion, humor and just about everything else. I just personally don't want to spend any of my precious energy feeling resentful/angry towards a commercial. I'd rather laugh at it. :)

Terry Capuano said:
We are a wonderfully diverse group. It is okay with you if that is how MT's are portrayed? Bimbos? My bet is that a few female officers and broadcasters complained when godaddy used their profession.

Crystal Dawn Suovanen said:
You can watch it here for all of you who didn't catch it:

I personally didn't have a problem with it. It was all in good fun and the previous godaddy girls have been in professions you don't expect. Like a police officer.

I loved when she fell in the pool and the music track skipped. :P
This to me was definetly advertising, and hopefully that is how it will be taken. I would not spend a whole lot of time focusing on the commercial, unless you or I have a large array of clients that bring it up. If this is how the client portrays us then I will be happy to have my client read my CODE OF ETHICS poster that I have posted in plain view of my sacred space. I can see where a question would come up, but I took it as an expensive ad for GoDaddy. Peace
I think it just reminded more people that they need a massage. Thats the way I took it. You have someone thats a role model getting a massage, others are going to want one to be like her. I didn't really think people were going to see the godaddy shirt rip and associate that with the massage. If you wear a good daddy shirt into work this week then you brought it on yourself.

+1 go daddy for putting us out there. I'll take all the help I can get. Just spin it as something good.

If someone acts out of line because of that comercial, then slap the pi$$ out of them and call it tapotment. " Sorry was that too much pressure?"
didn't bother me at all. actually it made me pay attention. i even made a comment to my friends saying "funny...i never do that in a massage". :) sometimes we as a group need to laugh a little and let some of it go.
This was the response I received this morning. They were using their right to Freedom of Speech.

Discussion Notes
Support Staff Response
Dear Darcy Neibaur,

We appreciate you taking the time to contact our staff to share your opinion about our television commercials. Although we wish your opinion of our commercials was a favorable one, please know your feedback is highly valued. At, we strongly believe that the freedom to express one's opinions is one of the defining factors that makes the United States a great nation.

We hope you can appreciate the need to attract and please multiple customer demographics, and we invite you to view our other commercials on our site.

To view, please go to the following URL and then select the "Our Customers" option in the middle column under Archive:

Once there, you'll see that produces a wide variety of commercials, several of which feature testimonials from business men and women who have used our products to build and expand their online presence. We hope these examples will be of assistance to you in making your final determination about your relationship with
Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way.

Best regards,

Thomas J.
Online Support Lead
It just looked like advertising to me, and although I found the stripping part a bit overdone, the go-daddy logo on the shirt was still the camera focus. What I saw was the "massage therapist" clearly practicing an audition for a potential go-daddy job, not performing sensual entertainment for her "client." From an advertising standpoint I thought it was rather well done...and wow, would I love to work in a setting like that! I seriously doubt if any of my clients will bring it up, and if they did, I might just have to do some dancing myself...which would be good for a stress-busting laugh for everyone! I'm pretty much with Joseph on this one.
I e-mailed my complaint and told them that as a licensed professional I did not appreciate them perpetuating a stereotype that we have worked hard to get rid off.
I just laughed at what it was......a commercial that was funny and entertaining. Yes, I'm a guy, but don't go there with your argument. Noen of my clients would even think that this was an accurate portrayal of our profession. And people that do are nto the type that I would want as a client. They're also the type that could use some education, if that opportuniyt presented itself. It is a typical GoDaddy commercial. Take it for what it is.

I'm with Lisa. Massage therapists, a good portion of them, have gotten way too serious. Not everyone is out looking to attack the massage profession. Lighten up a little, or a lot, and just take care of what you can control. I seriously am getting tired of the "righteous" attitude of therapists seems to go against the way I look at massage.
The massage therapist "stripping" or practicing for an audition in front of a client, either way its not professional. I know... it's a commercial and it suppose to be "funny". But this unconsciously projects a distortional idea to the public of a real massage therapist anyways.

Just my opinion.


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