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I've been licensed for a little over a year and am just now trying to start up my own practice. My problem is that it's been months since I've given a massage and I'm not feeling very confident in my technique. Obviously, if I don't give a good massage, people arent going to come back. The only thing I was taught in school was swedish, so I am focusing primarily on this. I am just advertising relaxation swedish massage. I don't have a lot of money (any) to spend on going to seminars or classes. I've been looking at youtube videos for the past couple of days and trying to learn new skills via that. Can anyone reccomend anything else I might be able to do?? I currently have a wonderful situation where I have 24 hour access to my own personal office basically for free. It's all set up, everything is perfect. The only thing missing is my confidence. I've been getting quite a few calls from my advertisements, but I'm totally gun shy right now. I know I should have perfected the technique before advertising, but the office opportunity kind of fell in my lap. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks

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Aloha Jill, 

What a wonderful opportunity to have your own office!

A great way to build get experince and build your confidence is to schedule as many trades and/or free sessions as you can during the next month.  Tell your trades and free clients that your intent is to increase your skill and build your confidence.  Ask them to give you honest feedback including what they like about your work and what they suggest you do to make it even better.  Both giving and recieving massage will help you improve.

Good luck.  Providing healing touch via massage is a wonderful gift to have, and it takes determination, practice and an open heart and mind to learn. 



Barbara Helynn

My first thought was for you to get together with a former classmate for practice.  Sorta like you would have done for school.  Practice on friends and family and ask for feedback.  After giving a few massages you will start to get your cconfidence back.  Plus you will get your timing back, freshen up on draping and notice areas that you feel you need to improve on.  You can watch videos to learn some new techniques.  

Try to go for a massage or do a trade with your former classmate to pick up a technique, learn what you do and don't like.  

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