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I was wondering if I should even comment about this.. But I will.. Because I'm really bothered by it..And I run into similar situations often enough.. My last client yesterday.  She was Im guessing about fifty years old...She was very depressed looking.. Tired looking...She told me she had fibromyalgia(how do you spell it?) .   I asked  her were she hurt... She said both her arms are constantly aching. And her back hurts...She made it clear that her arms were her biggest problem.. She told me that she has had six months of deep tissue massage one to two times a  week and still not better..Talking to her further, she told me that she feels worse after the massages, and that they are so painful...She just wants to relax today...Someone gave her a gift certificate for a massage at the spa where I work... I did a complete trigger point scan..Found a trigger point in her left SI joint...a left side L4 spinal erector TP.. A really bad painful one in her Latissimus dorsi (edge of shoulder blade) on her left...One in her infraspinatus (another bad one)on her left.  And a really bad( when I say bad, I mean sore as hell) supraspinatus TP on her right side. Also a right side pectoralis TP.. She told me nobody palpated those Latissimus, infraspinatus or supraspinatus TPs before?   Long story short...I eliminated those trigger points..Wasnt painful either...She was unbelievably happy after her hour session yesterday. She couldnt believe her arms didnt hurt...... She rescheduled for another massage in four days...I will recheck her ..Im sure some of those TPs will come back..But her problem is over with...Another session or two will be about it.. Im just shocked.. All she was told by the docs was that she had fibromylagia or however you spell it, and all this massage that did  nothing for six months.!!!. My gawd???  I didnt want to know who was treating her...They obviously didnt know what they were doing... I cant believe it...She is going to be well here real soon..Her problem is simple.  Those people treating her in  must live in some kind of fantasy world?  Certainly not in reality.. So obviously easy... She had to quit because it was getting too expansive.  She told me that she paid $55.00 for each massage...I keep saying it.....But this massage education system we got going better stop teaching for the tests..Cause this is the result.

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Yea prescription drugs kill so every 19 minutes. ...and thats not counting deaths from illegal usage..   Combine that with those statistics of when doctors go on strike....Makes one think?  Then add all that to the percentage of unnecessary carpal tunnel surgeries and such...  And they dont really know about trigger points... I have good friends that are Doctors..But I think they need to police themselves... Must be easier said then done though.. Yea Daniel, I saw that TV show a few days ago...its shocking....

Daniel Cohen said:

THis video might be of interest.
Gordon J. Wallis said:

Check the two attachments..

Daniel Cohen said: deaths and injury to approved drug interaction.

Lee Edelberg said:

300,000 people a year?

Kay Warren said:

........ That being said, MDs kill over 300K people per year, more than 5x the number of civilians killed by guns.....

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