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Dear All!

I hope everyone are enjoying the lovely weekend!

I like the idea of Head Massage, after doing some research, India Head Massage sounds very interesting and relaxing to me. Anyone have any experience of this massage. is it effective? I am very curious? Can anyone share their experience?

Where I now live is not easy to find a course to learn this massage. Did anyone know how can I self learn India Head massage? via online or video etc. Anyone have any tips and tops!

Thank for sharing!

warm regards


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I see you are in the Netherlands...

This is the common DVD I have seen listed on Amazon, E-bay and in some massage stores - Indian Head Massage by Jill Russell.  I have never watched it, so I have no idea as to if it is what you would be looking for or not.  I am also not sure if you need a NTSC or PAL version for your DVD player in the Netherlands, but since I am in the USA, most of what I link to may be the NTSC version, so double check that if you need something different.  ;)

Here is a link to the full Amazon list of Indian Head Massage DVD's:

And, a link to Indian Head Massage DVD's on e-bay... again, you may want to check for other formats by going to e-bay in your country, as mine links up to the USA:

I also found these individual posts on Indian Head massage, located on this forum, in case it is useful:

Dear Pueppi Texas

Thank you so much for your information.  It is really helpful. I think I will order the dvd from amazon. I think my clients would like the idea.



I finish my massage sessions with a supine head, scalp and face massage which is loved by all (female) clients. You can get a DVD on some of the techniques to start with, also refer to your musculature chart and learn where the head face & scalp muscles are. Then you can apply very gentle normal technique to them. Pay attention to the jaw muscles especially, along with the muscles of the neck. A very gentle stretch can be given to the head at this time, taking care not to tilt the chin up too much. Massage the temples gently, also the forehead, along to the top edges of the eye socket where you will find a small indentation. Be very gentle. Move the entire scalp around by applying palm or finger pressure. Eventually this will fall in to place naturally and you will be guided to vary it according to your clients' needs.

Paul Fletcher said:

I finish my massage sessions with a supine head, scalp and face massage which is loved by all (female) clients.

Hi Paul, 

Can you let us know if your description is for Indian Head Massage or just your regular head, scalp and face massage that you have created in your practice?

Good Morning, the description was for any massage of the head, I have not found any specific techniques in what they call Indian Head massage that warrant a special name! Also, in the method for moving the scalp I should have said finger and heel of hand rather than palm, the palm can be used if stretched wide open, but heel of hand is preferable (to me anyway).

I went to YouTube.   Searched Indian head massage.   Several videos came up.   I will post one of them here.  It should connect you with the others.

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