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Hi Everyone!

I'm trying to help a fellow massage therapist who's interested in taking CE classes in Indian Head Massage/Champissage.  She's looking for recommendations for a good provider/class. you practice this technique? Have you received this technique? Please share your experiences!

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Never heard of it, but sounds interesting! Could you give a little description of what the technique entails?

I took this course at Wellspring - School of Allied Health in Kansas City.  The instructor was Lolita Knight.  I believe she was thinking about retiring but her website is still active.  She still has Indian Head Massage listed as a modality she teaches.  Her website is

Lolita taught both the chair and table version so I just incorporate it into my regular sessions.  I have it listed as a stand alone service but honestly I've never had a client request it.  I enjoyed the class very much and as I mentioned it was very easy to blend most of the technique into a regular therapeutic massage.

Sharon Seller, LMT


Thanks so much for this information, Sharon!  :-)

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