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I figured we could all add on websites that we have found to be good for learning stuff on here. Thank you!    (thanks to Ray)

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science of
Terrific medical based massage protocols and Russian Sports massage with Oleg Bouimer. It's not free but a lot of good stuff. good vids and free.
just in general
I just set up one for learning about research if you're interested:

Other site that have to do with research are:

Online mags:
Massage Today (some great articles from the likes of Eric Dalton, Whitney Lowe, Keith Grant and some other great sources of info on there if you search by author)
Massage Magazine
Massage and Bodywork magazine online edition

Other resources:
Anatomy Trains
Think anatomy (sort of like a giant bookmark on cool learning tools on the web with users giving stars)
Some Gross anatomy pics (that might freak people out, but I think they're cool). If you click on the organ or muscle etc, there's a pointer to it.

Hope someone finds some of those links handy - I like them (especially that first one, but then I'm biased, but then bias shouldn't come into play in research, should it? :) )
Wonderful website! thank you Joseph! is a new free site for practitioners to list their practices and post their own research and best practices on it. I also like, pretty good stuff there.

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