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Initial evaluation is a “must do “ step for successful treatment outcomes.

                                             By Boris Prilutsky.


Some of us believe that ”techniques“ are the more important component for successful outcome of treatment. Some of us also believe that vigorous pressure is the way to achieve results.  There are many other opinions on what is the most important component for successful treatment.  Certainly, I have my opinion as well.

  • Yes, techniques play important role for successful outcome
  • NO vigorous pressure, shouldn't be applied, and can result in injury,
  • A sense of touch, including incorporation of energy work, would contribute to successful results
  • An understanding of what we are doing with our hands is important contributor for successful treatment.


In order to put the success ”puzzle” together, first of all, a therapist has to conduct an initial evaluation. An initial evaluation allows us to create a correct strategy and treatment plan. Always, before starting initial evaluation, as a part of this process, we have to request our clients to fill out questionnaire. If you will have interest to view questionnaire that I offer to my clients, please visit  and then click on “free video clips.”


At the top of the page you would find a link to questionnaire, which you welcome to download for personal use.


The link below is to the video, where I am extending on initial evaluation procedure. I hope it will be helpful .


If you would have any questions please feel free to post it as a YouTube comment. I will try to answer it in the front of a camera, in such a case it will be much more effective.


Best wishes.


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