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Is there any limit of working hours operating as a solo massage practitioner in the State?

I am operating as a solo licensed massage practitioner in the State of Texas. I am just wondering if other States have the same exemption rules for working hours to be exempted from obtaining a massage establishment license in the area. Anyone can share?

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Massachusetts as a state doesn't have those restrictions.  But local communities can write some of their own rules and might do so.

Here is the Texas law

I think you are combining two conditions for exemption from being licensed. They are separate situations.

1) You have no employees and simply work as yourself with your state license. (no hour restrictions.

2) You have a business where you have people come in to do massage (if they work more than 72 hours in six months you need a massage establishment license.

Simply put if you are a state licensed massage therapist and have an office where only you work no establishment license is needed. (you will probably still need a professional business license as we do in California)


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