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I recently had a client that claimed to be uncomfortable with a sheet so he requested to have only a towel used for his session. I am under the impression that as long as the client stays draped at all times, that is all that matters. I am wondering if there is any restriction/law about this in Arizona. Also does the towel have to be a certain size? He claimed that his massage therapist in California used only a hand towel. I found this to be questionable and unprofessional.

Ultimately I know that I have to go with my gut feeling regarding what makes me feel comfortable or uncomfortable but I am curious how do you guys feel about this situation and if you have any experience with it, I would like to hear about how you handled it.

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I can say with almost complete certainty that no draping is required whatsoever in Arizona as long as the massage is being given professionally and within current standards and you are not exposing the client for sexual reasons. Small hand towels are commonly used with Lomi Lomi massage and some other modalities. Of course, some clients are looking for a sexual experience not a massage experience so the therapist needs to use his or her judgment. On the reverse side, I have found that some therapists think anyone who wants light draping is a weirdo but I do not agree. I have had men and women who are just more comfortable not being tightly draped. They are very nice people with no ulterior motives whatsoever.

Check out the AZ Laws regarding the subject here:
Thanks Steve. I will check the link you gave.

Any others with feedback?
I believe draping is required, depending upon the municipality you are working in. Your AZ license permits you to practive massage in the state but that when the legislation was drafted, the munincipalities where given the right to govern the facilities themselves. So although the AZ law does not specifically say that your client must be draped, it doesn't matter since each city or town has the right to set up their own facility laws and regulations. Make sure you check the massage facility laws in your city in addition to the state laws.

The AZ law allows for some therapy that may be more medically oriented, i.e. breast massage, but the city has the right to make a law that says a client must be draped a particular way.
Hi Andrea,

Long time; hope you are well. Tucson has draping laws.

BTW, several LMT's have told me about a guy calling around who asks for a massage with a towell instead of sheets; they said its code for a sexual massage. One gal had to ask the guy to get dressed and leave after he asked for more.


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