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This is more of a comment, then a discussion. Or maybe it's a complaint? I've been a massage therapist here in Alaska for approximately 21 years. Until recently Alaska was an unregulated state, as far as massage goes. Sense this licensing, as of a couple years ago, I have seen literally no advantage or benifit of living in a licensed state.. As a matter of fact, it's just the opposite. I have spent over a thousand dollars in the last year and a half for licensing fees, cpr certification, continuing education and so on...Just to be able to work? Before that it was paying only a $100 every two years to the city of Anchorage. Now I have to get finger printed every two years. And of course pay for that service.... take cpr classes, even though I've been in the US Army getting that training every year- plus I actually saved a guy's life doing cpr a year ago. Then the continuing education? After 30 years? Come on.. I know learning never stops, but I've always studied on my own. I've even developed my own set of soft tissue procedures that are mine and unique. But all that doesn't matter. No one in the history of my massage career has ever asked to see my license expert an employer. And my license has not made my insurance credentialing any better or efficient. Oh, to go back to the finger prints. My finger prints don't change. Why don't thy keep them on file. They can look them up any time they want? Why have me take time off of work, pay money for the finger prints, then mail the finger prints off with a processing fee of $60? The cpr class takes half a day and $70.
I understand, kind of, the reason for licensing. But, it has not helped me one bit. All I can say I was free of all that for the vast majority of my career. Being none licensed all that time has allowed me the freedom to study whatever I want, on my own, to be free and creative. Licensure , as far as I can see, is very limiting, and actually surpresses the maximum potential of our profession. Ya can't get much beyond Myofascial Release. And our license has way more poteythen that.

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Back to my licensing.  I think this is self explanatory.  


That's just how insurance works.  All professionals in the health care fields have been dealing with this for years.  Your problem is just a different manifestation.  I am aware of these kinds of stipulations being as far back as the 1980's.  

I'm not sure if it still applies, as I am a cash practice... but under my DC license, there use to be an issue with providing therapy on the same day as an initial exam (adjustment would not be paid for or therapy would not be paid for, blah blah, blah).  And, I recall there was an issue with ice packs that showed up.  They just stopped paying for their use, no matter the need.  No pay for ice packs, so people actually just stopped using them.  How messed up is that.  Messed up that they wouldn't pay, and even more messed up was that people wouldn't use them, even if needed, if they *weren't* getting paid for their use.  It's always something.

This is just the nature of working with insurance companies.  You'll have to learn how to jump through hoops if you want to deal with that monkey.

Want to watch how the insurance companies make it hard for doctors?  Watch Code Black.

At least they do pay if on same day visit as DC, PT, OT.  It could be worse, it could not be paid on same day, and patient would have to come in on many more days to get treatment.  More amazing is that the patient is allowed 75 treatments.  I'm not sure why a patient would need 75 sessions, but, wow.  Last I heard, DC is usually looking at about 12 - 24 visits with insurance pay... ONLY.  Each patient is of course different, but I think 75 visits is something unexpected, even for a chronic pain patient.

Yea I know.   75 massages.  Unbelievable.     I just can’t imagine who comes up with these ridiculous rules?  It’s not rational thinking based on any norms of culture, politics  , race , religion, or science? 

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