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Hello members,
As you may know I have a Youtube channel where I have substantial amount of massage and self-massage clips.  Two of them are devoted to Medical Massage protocols for Fibromyalgia management 
This clip was uploaded to my channel back in 2007 and since then I received very incorrigible and thankful comments. That’s why I was somewhat surprised when I received a comment from Mrs. Valerie Lumley a self proclaimed “recovered Fibromyalgic.” Valerie tried to worn other Youtube viewers from utilizing massage in case of fibromyalgia because according to her “Massage on the neck can make it worse.”   Consequently she urged viewers to “be very careful about what you learn from these videos.”  As an alternative way of Fibromyalgia treatment Valery offered her book "Curing Chronic Fibromyalgia - Choosing What Works," which based on the title was suppose to cure Fibromyalgia.
Honestly, the claim of ”Curing Chronic Fibromyalgia” made me a little skeptical, because as far as I know, Fibromyalgia is not curable condition, but could only be maintained.  On the other hand I was concerned with the impact of her statement could have on other people who suffer from fibromyalgia as well as, possibly, on some therapists who could get confused by it.  As a matter of fact, I am very conservative when it comes to treating people and never use massage protocols, unless they were extensively clinically tested.  As for Fibromyalgia medical massage protocols that I offer; they were developed through extensive research utilizing control group to test this techniques against placebo.  

In order to establish causes for symptoms, participants of study have been given different tests such is radiological examination, blood tests, etc. One of the important additional tests was histological study. The research concluded that Fibromyalgia is chronic inflammation of muscles and connective tissue. This conclusion allowed scientists to develop step by step protocol that would lead to results of fibromyalgia management. Most importantly during 30 years of clinical outcomes this protocol proved to be working. Incidentally, my site offers a fibromyalgia article that, quite extensively, explains effect of massage to Fibromyalgia patients., which leads me to my point… 
Different people might have different bad experiences, when it comes to disorders such as Fibromyalgia.  This however, doesn’t mean that they should flat out deny methodology that was developed by extensive research and was subjected to prolonged clinical test.  At the same time I welcome any new development in treatment of this vicious ailment and will be happy to exchange opinions, experiences, learn from each other and hopefully make a difference in sufferings of Fibromyalgia patients.
Best Wishes

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Good on you Sir.
Dear Catherine.
Thank you very much for a short but sweet comment. My hope that you will like future discussions too.
Best wishes.
Well said Boris. I have a number of Fibromyalgia clients and all have been very happy with the addition of massage therapy to their health care. Each client is different in their needs so i listen very carefully, communicate through the massage and follow up. All ensure that i provide the quality of care that they deserve. I feel its better to stay out of the controversy and treat the individual.
Dear Jacqueline.
I'm glad that you liked discussion on this subject. In general on subject of fibromyalgia we do not have controversy because American Academy of rheumatology declared that fibromyalgia is an idiopathic disorder but still treating people who suffering from fibromyalgia by prescribing antaidepressants,antainflammatory and other medications.
if you meant controversy to be this lady post on my YouTube account then my opinion we shouldn't stay out of this debates because she confusing patients by warning not to receive massages.
As I stated in my article that all this snowbowl symptoms development starting on level of muscles and this is why massage is most effective in management of fibromyalgia.
recently someone by name of Prof. Tchaikovsky gave interview two New York time telling that he did research and come to conclusion that massage do not promoting blood supply to the tissues. I spent time to read his
in my opinion nonscientific study report. Should we ignore this publication?I believe not. Because he confusing and sabotaging general public. Your client can come to you with preset mine that you do not provide medical procedure. Very difficult to reach results in such a case. As we speaking I am working on full scientific review
as a respond to Tchaikovsky nonsense.of course I will post at my group but hopefully somebody of us will get to New York Times and will tell them that this is not fair and not responsible to publish interview of one scientist who obviously don't like us. Now would like to back to your comment. Love it. And especially:"Each client is different in their needs so i listen very carefully, communicate through the massage and follow up."
I would say that this statement is guideline for first step to successful outcome of treatment.
Best wishes.


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