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What software packages are people using to keep track of customer payments, visits, and retail purchases? I'd love to hear what other small businesses are choosing ~

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As a sole proprietor, I find it very easy to do all my business accounting, etc on Intuit's QuickBooks which I have used for the past 5-6 years. Very easy to use.
I'm using a software called customer profile. I did a search on the net and found this inexpensive software geared toward massage therapy. Complete with client intake information, mailing lists, therapists, customer payments and SOAP notes. It has some expense and retail work up also though I can't comment on those as I use something else for that but all is very simple and in one place. the website is They have several types to cover whether you are by yourself or employ others, if you can accept insurance or not. The owner of the software is very helpful in getting you started.
I use It is an Internet based software that works good for a spa location with multiple employees/rooms. It is Internet based so you don't install it on your computer, you just login and use it from anywhere. That way I can continue to work even when I come home. lol
SpaBiz for our bricks & mortar location
Service CEO for our nationwide mobile service
I have basically created my own. I use Island Softwares Massage pro 2.0 for the data base, SOAP NOTES and ins. forms even though I don't do ins. I keep my own personal client TX history, payment and follow up program in my MSWord documents.
Kelly Sanders, BS CST LMT,TRS CDSP
Currently using SpaBooker, which I've used for the past year..a mistake as it is too costly, slow and unwieldy. It is web based and there's a client interface for online booking. I have decided to switch to something else in October but still up in the air on which application.
I checked out MindBodyOnline software and loved it. Went live with it in October. Was afraid it wouldn't have as much functionality as SpaBooker at first but now after several weeks I think it is even better than SpaBooker and not as many issues plus cheaper! Thanks for the tipoff Steve!

Is anyone familiar with


If you're looking for a solution that can attract new clients to your practice, manage existing ones, manage your schedule, promote your business online and encourage referrals, you'll want to check out

That's the good news. The downside is that it won't be available for a few weeks (available mid November) and the site will in Beta without the full set of features. The cost for basic powerful features is zero.

You'll have to pre-register to be sent an invite. 


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