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So right now I am in the honeymoon phase-can't get enough of it! I am taking a Ko tan class in November. Does anyone have any books or dvds they would recommend to a newby? I've been doing deep tissue for years but I can't believe the releases I get (and receive from) a thai session.
Many blessing!

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A colleague of mine, Michael Buck owns the Vedic Conservatory and he does have DVD's that you might enjoy. check out his website
Hello Kelly!

My recommendation is Pierce Salguero of Tao Mountain. He has been my teacher for over six years now. Pierce has a complete series of Thai Healing Books covering Thai massage, advanced techniques, Thai Herbal Massage, and the deep spiritual connection reflected in this great practice. Here is his website and Thai practitioner

Good luck and know you can never stop learning this modality, it just gets deeper and more beautiful the more you practice!
I just completed my second Thai massage today. I know I have a long way to go!
I am in the process of learning Thai Massage. I am very excited to add it to my practice. I have so many questions; I don't know where to begin...Lol. Does anyone have any recommendations/suggestions to the following:

How long should a Thai session last? (60 min, 90 min, both)
What is the price range to charge for each session?
Do you treat it like a yoga class and recommend clients to come weekly?

Thanks to all for your help/advice.

Michelle =0)


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